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  1. Getting ready to plop these in, just going to clean up the pins then burn them in. 🙂
  2. Nice plant .. 🌿🍀
  3. Those are the PSVANE CV181-T II T-Collection that I added in when it got ordered, I cant confirm that the 6SL's { the small one's } are an upgrade or not They are Wilsenton's tho.. The NOS Sylvania's are going in there anyway,
  4. Looking forward to your thoughts on those, I'm still burning 🔥 mine in and looking at maybe dabbling with some power tubes later, Prolly stick with some KT 88's flavor for now. The pre amp section for now sounds sweet. I bought this amp to replace my vintage Rotel amp, and out of the box the difference was very noticeable. Once I can listen some more Ill give my assessment on the R8 but so far im very pleased, Prices are going up and they can barley keep these in stock, Me thinks there could be more members here with this amp,.. 😎
  5. I have a tube amp - tube pre - and now I need to get a tube dac, where does it end Zed, where - where ........
  6. Say that real fast 5 times... Those look a little spendy, 😮
  7. Look's like a good selection there, I also have a pair of Sylvania old stock waiting to go in once I get a base line on the Wilsenton tubes, Also useing the CV- 181 on the pre. Looking forward to your review ... 🤓
  8. Hey Zed, Yes the middle transformer runs about 130 degrees or 54 Celsius. the outer ones seem to be about 15-20 degrees cooler, but all are steady..😎
  9. The R8 arrived last night late, 1 day early . Shipping container had normal wear and tear for traveling 7400 miles, Upon gaining access to the contents I commenced the extraction from the box, I think that if I would have opened the bottom also it would have slid right out, The tubes were individually wrapped in a bubble bag the wrapped in a sheet of foam and all stuffed in the cage. The amp was very cold and I decided to wait till daybreak to bring this to life, I biased the tubes a couple minutes after start up, All 4 were in the middle range high right, After about 1 h
  10. R8 made it to the states, Estimated TOA is Wednesday , that would be 4 weeks to the day....😎
  11. Took my system down and did some tidying up in anticipation of arrival , packed up the SS amp, So now I'm playing through the sound bar only, Brutal, I should hi jack the wife's Denon system, Hope my experience goes as good as yours.....☺️
  12. Mine is hung up at the hong kong airport, government closed it yesterday due to protest's ...
  13. Yes mine is being kicked around in Hong Kong now waiting for DHL to pick it up, Ordered mine on January 6 th so around February 5 th sounds about right.
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