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  1. I have an M8 that I'm trying to turn into two standalone amps. I got it wired up to run at 100v, just need to put the auto transformer in but don't have access to a multimetre at the moment. I'm not sure if it'd be the same on the M7, but do you know which cords running out of the auto transformer are which? Thanks
  2. Item: Naim NAP 250, preferably olive. Price Range: 1200-1600 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for an olive bumper NAP 250 however would consider chrome as well. Also looking for two olive knobs for a NAC 102 (they may be universal) on the off chance anyone has any. Located in Sydney, but can pay postage. Thanks
  3. Item: QUAD 405-2/other Quad amps or preamps Price Range: 300-1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Really missing my Quad 405 I sold a while ago. Interested particularly in a 405-2 but would consider other other Quad power amps and potentially preamps also Thanks
  4. Out of respect to the flipping rules I put the ad up with the same price you had on your listing. I really had no intention of selling it but I really did get ahead of myself delving straight into buying such a high end one prematurely that my current system won't even appreciate. I'm meant to be building a new PC at the moment, and am still looking for a preamp which would benefit my setup a lot more right now than this DAC so for the time being I'm sticking to my older one. I admit it was really lazy of me to reuse the photos but I've had the DAC for not even a week.
  5. Hey, I don't mean to hijack the thread but I've got some really similar spikes that are just taking up space in a drawer. If you send me a DM I can forward through some photos.
  6. Further information: I bought this from another user on SNA this week but got ahead of myself and have too many DACs at the moment. The item is practically brand new in absolute mint condition, not a mark on the body. Would love to keep it but don't see myself using it to its full potential Pickup available in Marrickville, can possibly deliver if you're closeby, or can post at buyer's cost. Comes with box and all original cables. Photos:
  7. Used this DAC/amp for a little over two years and I would still be using it however recently needed another DAC with an optical input. It's in great condition with not a mark on the body or remote. The remote has been unused 90% of its life. Have since lost the box moving house and likely the receipt too, may be able to dig it up and will update the listing if I find it. Originally retailed ~$900, hard to find a better dac/amp at this price. Can audition with headphones however it is not hooked up to my speakers at the moment Comes with power and USB cables
  8. Thanks. Had a look, see they had a 32.5 last June. Trying to get in touch.
  9. Item: Naim NAC 32.5, 42 or 62 Price Range: 300-800 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a chrome bumper NAC preamp to match my NAP 140. Not too worried about cables but would be interested if available too. Also, on the rare chance anyone has any, I'm looking for two knobs for my olive NAC 102, which I also plan to sell once I find a 32.5, 42 or 62. Thanks. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. hi im here to look for interesting hifi equipment and learn more
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