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  1. Thanks folks, there is a lot of useful info' that I will be able to put into good use when I finally get the system over here in Adelaide.
  2. Hi Folks, a great thread to find today. I have a pair of EV Interface A Series II speakers I bought 42 years ago (FYI, $875 from Henry's Record Farm in Penrith - I had the receipt in storage) which sadly haven't had a lot of use for the past 30 years while I was o/s based in / out of Cambodia. Now Covid has prevented me collecting them from my Dad's place in southern NSW. 😞 All of these posts have really upped my anticipation to get these speakers over to Adelaide and get them working. No doubt I will also need a new set of foam for the speakers, something I have not thought of in the pa
  3. Hi folks, I have recently returned from a short 30 years o/s based in / out of Cambodia. Life was certainly interesting however I really missed listening to quality music which is now high on my agenda. I stumbled across the stereo.net.au site while casually looking for info' on my 42y/o EV Interface A speakers. There are some obviously very clued up folk in this forum who I am happy to learn from. Hopefully I will be able to contribute just a little back as well.
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