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  1. @Bengineer @BlueOceanBoy My sources have described you both as "Headphone Gods". Any advice appreciated, particularly with regards to connection options on an existing all in one system, which caters equally towards music and home theatre. cheers
  2. Yes it does. 👍 Seems to be a superior way to connect to my ONKYO Amp which has no shortage of connection options...
  3. Very smart looking unit. Have you Tube rolled, or are you satisfied with the stock tubes ? I have come across the "tape loop" method mentioned in other threads, and other forums. What advantages does this have ? Thanks for contributing.
  4. Hi guys (& gals), As I work arvo shift, most of my late night Vinyl Record listening sessions are thru Headphones. I know integrating a HP Amp into an existing AV System can be complicated and confusing (for those with limited knowledge like me). Im not satisfied with the sound coming out of my early 2000's ONKYO Receiver through the Headphone jack, though it sounds great coming out of the speakers. Therefore, I wish to add a Headphone Amp into the mix. Im thinking the most appropriate placement in the pathway to be between my Tube Box S2 phono stage, and my
  5. Appreciate the quick reply Andy. Upgraded to the Ortofon Blue today, so I won't be looking beyond a MM Cart for a while. Think I might just dive in and purchase the Project Phono Box S2. Can be had on Catch for $225, so seems a reasonable match for my TT (Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit). 👍
  6. I'm pretty much in the same mindset as the OP. Running my Debut Carbon thru my early 2000's Onkyo Receiver. It was the Flagship of the home theatre range at the time and has a Phono stage, but how good is it ? Would a Project Phono Box S2, or the Graham Slee Communicator provide an appreciable difference ? Neither would break the bank. Any advice appreciated.....cheers
  7. I'm a 70's/80's child, so grew up with vinyl records and cassette tapes. Decided a few years ago to dive back in to vinyl, mainly for nostalgia reasons, but was pleasantly surprised by what I was hearing in music I was familiar with from my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Have purchased a chunk of records recently, and am looking to improve the overall sound quality of my particular TT. ie. isolation options, dedicated Phono PreAmp, cleaning regimen for records and Stylus care. Awaiting delivery of Ortofon Blue Stylus to replace the Red, and this should make an audibl
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