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  1. I've started with the "easy" and risky option of buying a driver from ebay - and yup, it works. Between work and the kids starting school, it looks like I'll just enjoy what I have for a bit, and then see how much I want to poke things - now to figure out what other bits I have in the back of the cupboard
  2. Nice! I hadn't even thought that 50 year old drivers could be repaired... When you say Melbourne - is that because there's a particularly good repairer there? (aka, who should I talk to?)
  3. So I've finally made room to set these up (they're my Dad's - original owner), and it seems that the one midrange is definitely not making any sound. All my toys are packed away somewhere, so I've not had a multi-meter on it, but when I connect another speaker to the leads going to it (using aligator clips), that speaker does make sound... Just as frustratingly, the other midrange, works, but was someone fell into it over the years - is there a safe-ish way to pull the dome back out? Does anyone have any advice - is there a good place to get replacement part
  4. I've just inherited my Dad's Yamaha NS-690 speakers from the early 1970's, and while they still sound good from a distance, the atenuators are scratchy, and one mid-range doesn't make any sound. I grew up with these, and always enjoyed them, so I'd like to fix them up - but then, I'm also going to have to get something to drive them :)
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