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  1. I think. It a good practice to install the fuse in the same direction with the original
  2. Mine is also T3.15L250V and the installed is the same
  3. The big role with the volcal magic is the fyne. R8 suplement very well
  4. I had s/b version but all black give you a high end feeling:)
  5. Hi Lebowski, As you successful integrated the Rel ti9, could I ask what way u connect the sub. High level input? Thanks
  6. I have Melzs and sylvanias 6sl7 too, thanks for video link :). The way, where did you you buy the Melzs?
  7. Congrats. Getting the Melz 6SL7s without hiss/hum and balanced is a luck of you.
  8. And as subs have their own amps they share the power from main amp and make it has more power for other ranges (theoretically).
  9. Thanks Zed, i am following your and others earlier posts of 4 ohm taps and being on the 4ohm taps setting up the new SPs. Your recommended Fyne Audio F501 speakers and R8 are perfect combination. (still breaking in)
  10. Zed Zed said: It's just something else to think about. Read up on Rel sub-systems for more info, or PM me here as this is getting OT for this thread. I have posted this separately because the other post was long enough anyway, and if a Mod decides this post is too far OT, he can delete it without losing the other content which was on topic.  Thanks you so much for spending a lot of time and audio experience to help me to choose the speakers (work with R8). You read my mind with room size matter as 4mx5m is quite small. I ve read quite a lot discussion
  11. Many thanks Xlr8or and Zed Zed for consulting on the Kef R3 and R8 matching. To make life easier I should look for other option. How about: Fyne Audio F502 (new) or Tannoy D500 (Vintage) or Tannoy Revolution XT 8F (New) Which i can buy here and within my budget (my room is 20 square meter (4x5). Thanks for your always great support.
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