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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, some additional options to look at. As for the 3.1 portion, that was purely due to reading comments around the place saying that with a 2 speaker system the dialogue was hard to hear on tv/movies, and that the cnetre speaker provided that clarity. That said if that is not the case and a 2.1 (or even 2 bookshelves alone) will be fine then thats wven better. Itll be an easier pass with the misso too just having the 2 speakers in the living room, looks neater. So the only reason I was looking at 5.1s was to be able to accomodate the centre as well, if i can
  2. Hey guys, so im planning my first system after my original plan of using some inherited gear didnt quite goto plan. But thats okay because it has cause a reevaluation of what I am after. So the over arching plan is to set up a 3.1 speaker system for the living room with 3 main uses; -80% TV (mainly netflix and Ps5), -Spotify (types of music is very broad rock, metal, rap, indie/ alt rock, electro stuff (excision/knifeparty/skrillex-dunno if thats the genre name) -Vinyl (mlstly old rock with some newer metal or alt rock) So originally i planned on spending like 5
  3. Thanks guys! I have been searching more and more, found some potions of manuals which has helped understand the sounterweight. I have the plugs so will try my hand at soldering on the weekend the swap the speaker wire to 2 din, connect it up and see if it still works. I THINK the styli might be in need of replacing as the needle doesnt loom straight, but should know soon, will just try on one of the records i dont reaply carr about (maybe C'Mon Aussie). Really hoping it all works as it looks beautiful so hopefully sounds it too, checked and they both power up which is a g
  4. Hey guys, So I have inherited a turntable, amp, speakers and a record collection, I had intended on previously getting a setup and also have a couple of records in the cupboard from local bands mostly out of planning on getting one but never getting round to it. Now with this gear its time to get it properly set up. It now all out or the cupboards and awaiting starting so I have a few questions about the gear and setup. So the equiptment I have is an Era 444 turntable, Armstrong 626 amp, and Akai SW-M345 speakers. So first off, is this good gear? With old
  5. Hey guys, obligatory "not a bot" intro post. Signed up here trying to get an understanding of the vinyl world! Coming from my past "stereo" being spotify through the headunit in the car or headphones imagine this is going to be quite a lot to learn! In the process of setting up the system i have inherited, ERA 444 turntable and Armstong amp
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