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  1. Thank you for that! They didn't show up in my search for some reason? I will have a look
  2. Item: Floor standing loudspeakers Price Range: Up to $1000 (must be pants-shittingly good for this price haha) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm new to home hi-fi and I'm still not sure what types of speakers I like yet, so this means I'm open to options / brands! These will get more use from music than movies - particularly metal & rock, yet I had some Marvin Gaye on over the weekend. I just purchased a Yamaha RX-V6A, because I would like to add Atmos / home theatre sooner or later (and the idea of having MusicCast speakers in my son's room is cool), so i
  3. Oooooh I'd never heard of this. Thanks for giving me another rabbit-hole to go down And yes, budget is constrained, to say the least
  4. hahaha no good ones! Main one was called Final Treason, back in the day.
  5. Hi all, I'm a noob here and I've done some searching already, but I'm in a bit of an odd situation and would like some advice please. Being recently divorced has been both a curse and a blessing. A curse because I'm starting everything again with only (some) of my clothes on my back, and a blessing because 1- I'm significantly happier, and 2- I get to start all over again! I get to design and build a new EVERYTHING! For example, I got an old timber bedframe for my son, we've sanded it back and we're about to stain it red and blue for Spiderman, might even paint some b
  6. Hey everyone! Finding this community has come at an amazing time for me! I'm very recently divorced and re-establishing my life and re-engaging with my passions. It's been a difficult but wonderful experience to rebuild everything how I want it after being in such a difficult relationship. I'm a muso for the past 25 years, played bass in numerous metal bands in Sydney for most of that time, excluding the marriage. Needless to say, I'm already getting back up on the "join a band" horse! Needless to say, music and audio is a massive passion of mine. Current
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