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  1. I probably have all those problems and more in my "system" but it still doesn't stop me from enjoying music. Accepting the limitations of my system (in its current state), there is still satisfactory sound produced at least to my ears. Upgrading over time is part of the fun, if I started at end game I think i'd be bored (and broke). Inconsistencies in recordings are however truly annoying, as I cant get to appreciate the full crappiness of my gear!
  2. Maybe its indeed a case or word bingo or I am merely a simpleton and philistine (I snuck the word philistine in to pretend im not one) either or, I think if it becomes hard work reading a review then its probably not the review for me. Not that I am lazy or disinterested but it does need to resonate somewhat with me to keep me working through a wall of text. The more im learning the more I realise I know nothing, and would prefer not to cloud my judgement with an advertorial disguised as a review, hence reaching out to stereonet members for their wisdom. Thanks again all!
  3. You didnt find that funny? As always I amuse myself more than others it seems. No I did not lose all faith in humanity and I still watch/read his reviews but his coffee making is hilarious. I gotta find that review where he makes a coffee as part of his filler scenes, its the thinnest wateriest most insipid thing ive ever seen!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, its very much appreciated. Will check it all out.
  5. Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction for HIFI reviews, I started with whathifi (am I pretty much just reading advertisements?), John Darko (I saw him make a coffee and I lost all faith in humanity let alone taking his advice), an english audiophile and some others. 6moons just looks like hard work, is it just me or does that website somehow smell musty when you open it? Im pretty new to all this and my learning curve has been pretty steep but nonetheless really interesting, appreciate if anyone can recommend any reviewer they trust. Cheers
  6. Hi mate, keen to have a further look at this if possible? I'll send you a PM
  7. I guess I should of pre-empted the speaker question, shows you how green I am. The issue is I will be retiring the current speakers to my study, and looking to buy some others once our renovations are complete. I have KEF iQ50's currently and they fall fairly short, ok but by no means great. Lack bass and highs get messy, ok mid range to my ears at least. Idea was to upgrade amp first as speakers would take longer to find as I would not only need to like how they sound but wife has reserved a veto if she doesnt approve of the look! Didnt know about the Naim premium, tha
  8. Hi all, Looking for some advice for my budding obsession, thought id leverage you guys. Firstly I should say I have a wife issue, she'll lose her mind if I have have a stack of multi component hifi equiment taking up space in the house hence I am leaning towards an integrated unit. Being a mindless whathifi drone, im drawn to two amps with considerably different price points. CA's CX81 and the Naim Supernait 3, before I set out to audition these would the Supernait 3 be anywhere near 4 times as good as the CX81, or does the law of diminishing returns already kick in a
  9. Fair enough, just ping me if you change your mind. All the best with it, Anthony
  10. Hi mate, Not keen on packaging it up and sending over to Sydney? If so im interested. Cheers
  11. Hey all, New addition from Sydney's lockdown heartland! Obsessing over hifi gear seems and apt way to burn some downtime. P.S Ive tested clear and continue to isolate hence the need to up my hifi game. Cheers Hatzi
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