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  1. Bewdy Ian. The sound setting you have mentioned on the TV is the setting I have been utilising to attempt to obtain sound.
  2. Thanks for your entry Ian. So I entertained that as an alternative diagnosis and hooked up our PVR (? aka set top box) from our living room and the sound came through happily so I know that the amp functions. Really appreciate the contribution Ian and many thanks.
  3. A really concise contribution so thank you very much. I'm 100% thatI have the right sound out option selected on the TV's settings. I have all the speakers plugged in (contrary to the photo thx for pointing that out). I've tried absolutely every option available on the receiver for sound input (including via 'CD' as that's what it says beside the toslink input) on the receiver and still no love. Thanks for explaining my setup isn't 5:1. It's not typical but it's what my space permits. If it's satisfactory I'll stick with it and if its insufficient I'll expand on it.
  4. I can't find what type of format the audio output is. It only gives me an option for selecting the 'optical digital out' which is what I understand the toslink cord to be. Knowing my history with tech I'm guessing the two are incompatible and mostly like you say, secondary to it's age.
  5. I pulled the manual as suggested. http://manual.kenwood.com/files/B60-5330-00.pdf The only part I can find which might explain nil audio is this part here in the attachment where it indicates I might need a decoder (?).
  6. Thanks for your help Satanica. It is a new TV so I have never had it hooked up to another amplifier previously. You are 100% right in that those RCA are for AV in not 'out'. I see that clearly now .
  7. Hi! Tony here, new member having trouble setting up a new home audio system. Wondering if you could help me please?... I connected a toslink optical digital cable from the new TV (LG 50UN7300PTC) to a 2nd hand amp (Kenwood KRF-V6070D) I bought. There's no sound. I even tried the regular rca cables from audio out (TV) to the AUX IN of the amp but still no sound. (Have tested the amp otherwise and know the amp works). Is there an incongruence with the technologies because of the age of the AMP?. I saw an amp for sale (RXV485) which my read
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