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  1. Yes, Mac amps pair nicely with SF speakers. ARC (Audio Research) will pair really well with SF too even better imo. The trio used to be part of the same family and SF always voiced and tuned their speakers using both Mac & ARC electronics. I’ve heard SF Aida ll driven by two pairs of ARC Ref 750 SE vacuum tube monoblock amps (in bi-amp configuration) and ARC Ref 10 vacuum tube linestage pre with some DCS Vivaldi full four stacks as digital front end components. The best sound I’ve ever heard from SF Aida ll but those ARC Ref 750 SE monoblocks retail for USD $90k/pair here so USD $18
  2. There’s no such a thing as luxury brand in hifi audio imo. High end yes.....Mac is indeed a high end brand alongside Classe, Audio Research, Pass, Levinson, Krell, Naim, Linn, etc, etc..... There are many other brands that are much more expensive than Mac. Audio Research, Levinson, Pass, Naim, D’Agostino cost way more than Mac and are much better than Mac. Not bashing Mac, they make good products and build quality is excellent and retain their resale values very well. Not sure if I agree with your comment re Mac being perceived as luxury Bose in the US. I live here in the U
  3. Hi there, sorry for the delay response. I’m still waiting for a response back from Cello Technologies Seattle re the Acurus Muse. Re McIntosh Room Perfect room correction built in their flagship MX160 processor yes heard great things about Room Perfect and specifically MX160 but retails for USD $14k here and has many channels that I won’t be needing. The McIntosh MX1223, which is their lower end av processor, is much more affordable at USD $6500 here but uses Audyssey and isn’t worth considering when plan on spending that kind of money, the 8805 offers much greater value IMO at US
  4. Hi there, sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, I did download the the Audyssey app and removed the bbc dip that Audyssey applies by default and while it improved vocals / midrange but IMO the way NAD M17 v2 is still a bit better overall for surround sound movies and 2ch music when both units were used as a digital stereo pre but without room correction when I ran a coax digital cable from my Cary CD 306 SACD player for CD playbacks, and in that same regard the SSP 800 also sounded better than both NAD & Marantz. Yes, when comparing the 8805 as a pure analog 2ch pre
  5. I have an update on the AV8805. So, I was able to get a take home demo model from one local dealer here and was also able to get another take home demo of the NAD M17 v2 from a different hifi store here. I currently have 2 processors plus my Classe SSP 800 to compare. First off, for stereo music my Classe SSP 800 sounded the best compared to the other two. hands down. The Classe is more musical more refined quieter and sounding more resolved. The Classe is the king of the hill in stereo coming from an AV preamp surround processor. The comparisons were made with my Cary Audio CD 30
  6. I love Sony TVs in general, and Sony OLED 4K TV is the best.
  7. For now, I won’t be able to go 3D surround audio eg Dolby Atmos or DTS-X. What happens to your Yammie processor?
  8. Nowaday Lyngdorf is more of a HT focus although they are still making digital stereo integrated amps with Room Perfect built in but they are class D amp and will digitize their analog inputs. Yes, ideally one should board a plane to go to SF Bay Area from Seattle but I’ve been avoiding that since COVID ? It’s unfortunate that Anthem no longer makes dedicated HT processors like the Anthem Statement D2V2, which I believed was the last real genuine processor from Anthem. When it comes to 2ch pre/power combo, yes I will be really careful in matching the pre to the amp and of c
  9. Hi Colin, I think the NAD M17 v2 fully supports and decodes Atmos & DTS-X but will find out about which version of Dirac it comes with. Thanks for the heads up. Will look into the Acurus processor and will get in touch with Cello Technologies Seattle. Thank you for the info and much appreciated. They are actually by one of my local dealer Definitive Audio Seattle. There’s also another hifi shop on that same block where Definitive Audio is called Hawthorne Stereo but they only sell 2ch stuff.
  10. Yes, heard great things about the NAD M17 v2 the one with Dirac Live room correction, not the original M17 w/ Audyssey. Thanks for the heads up re Krell Foundation. I will scratch that off my list then. I will add the Audio Control Maestro M9 to my short list. There’s an Audio Control dealer outside Seattle about 75 miles north of Seattle close to US/Canada border. By the way, Audio Control is based out of greater Seattle area. So, it’s local. They use Dirac Live as well. I was thinking about the Lyngdorf Mp-50 but there’s no dealer in our state. the closest one will be in SF bay area in Calif
  11. Yes, the Classe CP 700 is a great sounding analog 2ch pre and it’s very expected that the SSP 800 can’t compete with CP 700 in 2ch. The SSP 800’s stereo analog audio input & output stages were based on the CP 700 but of course the CP 700 would perform better since it is a dedicated 2ch analog pre with external PSU. there’s much less crosstalk, noise and interference and no digital audio video board no DAC with the CP 700 since it is only a pure 2ch analog pre. plus its PSU is external so will be no noise & vibration generated from the power supply. whereas there are compromises made wi
  12. IMO most Mac gears lack image focus, separations, details, resolution and transparency and somewhat colored. The soundstages are also somewhat constricted imo unless if you go with their huge monoblock amps such as the MCK 1.25 or the MC611.
  13. Generally I would describe Naim as warm smooth punchy yet rthymic and pacy as you said. they excel in PRAT. The lower end Naim gears don’t throw large soundstage but also depends on your speakers and room. But the higher end Naim lines such as their 500 series separates with the 500 series external PSUs and the Naim Statement pre & Statement monoblock amps are different story. They throw huge soundstages with solid precise imaging and are highly musical sounding gears but are uber expensive. My cousin owns the Naim Statement NAC S1 analog linestage pre & Naim Statement NAP S1
  14. IMO Mac gears are overpriced and there are many cheaper alternatives that would sound better. You are pretty much paying for the looks and name as the brand has been around for the longest time. But their amps and preamps are very reliable and retain their resale values very well and probably have the highest resale value in hifi audio industry. Mac amps are pretty good and very safe sounding but not that great considering how much they charge. Build quality are top notch though. Their preamps aren’t that good imo. Given the choice between Mac and Accuphase I would go with the Acc
  15. Yup, Cambridge Audio has given up completely on the AV side and just sticking to 2ch only.
  16. When I had a take home demo of the 8802 few yrs back I felt its 2ch performance for music wasn’t on the same level as my Classe SSP 800 and/or other high end dedicated 2ch preamp offerings from Classe, Mac, ARC (Audio Research), Levinson, Pass, Naim & Linn to name a few. I felt the need for a dedicated 2ch pre with the 8802. With the SSP 800 I don’t feel the need for a good dedicated high end 2ch pre for music as it satisfies the need for both 2ch & HT. I’ve had the SSP 800 for almost 10 yrs now so I guess it has served me well.
  17. Yup, although I’ve never owned any Rotel HT processors but heard from many who owned older Rotel HT processors (pre HDMI) in the past that many claimed they were very reliable and never had issues.
  18. Rotel imo is very well known for their amps. they make great amps for the money. Their HT processors and AVRs are very buggy and people usually avoid buying Rotel AVRs & HT processors. HDMI board issues and other software bugs that Rotel consistently fails to fix. Their amps however are excellent and offer great values, the best bang for your buck kinda thing. Rumor has it that in the future Rotel probably won’t be making any more HT products (AVRs & HT processors). We’ll see I guess. Rotel’s high end line Michi is strictly 2ch.
  19. Ok thanks. The best ideal option would be to get a separate dedicated 2ch pre with HT bypass or stereo integrated amp with HT bypass for music and get either the 8805 or some other processor for movies (HT). Yeah....I’m only limited to 5.1 / 5.2 setup and won’t be able to do 3D audio eg Atmos setup. that’s why I’m very content with my SSP 800 but recently started giving me minor issue, so I really want to get rid of it before it gets worse. And plus if I wait any longer to sell my SSP 800 its resale value will further plummet. That’s a drawback of all obsolete HT processors like my SSP 800, th
  20. I bet the Electra would have costed twice as much here as they do in their home country (Aust) had they made it here in the States. But those Mac, Levinson, Pass, Krell are manufactured locally too here in the US but the parts/components eg transistors, caps, etc came from everywhere and bulks of them I bet came from China or Taiwan and perhaps Japan or S Korea as well. The new latest Classe Delta series gears are different story, they are made in Japan but designed & engineered in Montreal, Canada since they are Canadian not American. The older Classe Delta & Omega series gears were m
  21. By the way folks, back to Marantz AV8805, I will try to find one to demo it preferably in my oven setup. But like many of you here claimed that the 8805 doesn’t sound any better than the 8802 I’ve had a chance to demo in my own system few yrs back, I will try to re-configure my rack space in order to accommodate for a very good high end dedicated stereo pre with HT bypass. So I would be using the 8805 for movies (HT) and a dedicated stereo pre for music. As of now I just don’t have the room for a separate dedicated 2ch pre. or another option would be to sell my power amp and look for a v
  22. Thanks for posting them. Yes they seem to have very good basic topology design and reminds me a bit of the Rotel RB-1582 Mk ii stereo amp. On one of the pic you posted they had the Electra pre & amp separates driving the Wilson Audio speakers. Are they Wilson Sasha or Sophia? Did you get to hear the system and how they pair together? I’ve heard different Wilson speakers numerous times mostly at one local dealer here in Seattle. Most of the time they were being driven by either some ARC (Audio Research) or D’Agostino amps/pre with some DCS digital front end components and/or AMG or Cl
  23. I figured they were since they get mentioned here a lot. Are they quite reasonably priced? Cheaper than Mac or Classe or Pass or Levinson and the likes?
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