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  1. The PHO-701 has been working great, perfectly quiet, and looks the part with the illuminated valve display. The whole valve thing is not really my thing, but it sounds great. Valve upgrade next hehe
  2. Have you seen The 'N' Groove youtube video about this. He delves into this in rather forensic detail!
  3. Yes indeed... So what is the lesson here? It is the, ahem, Chinese transformer quality? Don't buy low end?
  4. As a follow up on this thread, I took the power supply back to the good folk at Selby and we compared it with another unit in the store... guess what, they both have a hum lol! So not much to be done with this model it would seem. Next step was to compare the next model up- PHO-500, and this was noticeably quieter, although did have some very minor hum too. And then the PHO-701 was totally quiet. I'm planning to return the 300 and upgrade to the 701
  5. Okay interesting, would you mind expanding on this- as a noob I would like to learn. Are you suggesting the hum actually indicates a desirable trait? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all your responses. I will try plugging it in other parts of the house and see if the hum continues. Not aware of any nearby electrical transformers that might be interferring... I agree it's a first world 'problem', but at the same time it did cost a bit so you'd expect it to work well. My el cheapo Behringer phono preamp doesn't hum lol
  7. Thanks, I tend to agree. I only ask because Vincent make a big deal out of the whole separate power supply box thing to reduce noise and interference etc. Cheers
  8. Hi All, bit of a noob here. Just took my nice shiny Vincent PHO-300 out of the box and hooked it up. Looks and feels great quality, and a massive upgrade for my Behringer. After hooking it up, I have noticed the power supply unit has a small but slightly audable 'hum' when you put your ear next to it. I'm not talking about hearing it through the stereo, I mean you can hear it with your ear up to the unit itself. Only subtle but that slightly annoying electric hum nonetheless. Is this completely normal? If so I will ignore and enjoy the records. Thanks
  9. Hello Stereo.net.au, looking forward to joining and learning more about vintage hifi. I'm a bit of a noob. Regards, Horatio
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