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  1. I’ve had an update in my turntable situation. While keeping my eye out for a better tonearm and cartridge to try, I found another Kenwood DD at a price I couldn’t pass up. A KD-500 with the lovely synthetic marble plinth. It came with an SME III tonearm and Ortofon SME cartridge to suit, with OM30 stylus, which I thought would give me a taste of a better tonearm. I got it home and it had a bit of a speed issue which went away with a clean and exercise of the speed pots. I started spinning vinyl and it sounded like an improvement to me, I was just getting more detail. Unfortunately the su
  2. More comments talking me out of changing turntable, thank you. My main phono preamp is a Schiit Mani with an AliExpress power unit that made a noticeable difference over the stock power supply. I'm also borrowing a Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 off a friend, it sounds better than the Mani in many ways. I've also borrowing a Nordost tonearm cable which gives a fair bit more detail, but now the old Monster interconnects will be a weak link. Those go to a CXA81 amp and then Paradigm Studio 40 S2s which are very nice. This setup really isn't lacking, it sounds brilliant to me
  3. Thanks all. I had been considering going for an MC cartridge and I've read of a few people who have gone for better than stock tonearms with good results. However, there are some great reviews of the Funk LSD and one coming up for sale here relatively cheaply got me thinking. But I think I'll pass, seems like this table is up there with the very good stuff. Time for me to do some research into MC carts and have a go with something better. Suggestions for something suitable for the tonearm and table are more than welcome.
  4. I’ve had a Kenwood KD-750 direct drive turntable for a bit over a year. With its basic cartridge it came with it was a big upgrade compared to my old Project, more detail and better timing. Since then it’s gained a Nagaoka MP-150 cartridge, a better tonearm cable and a refresh. It sounds better than ever. It’s been complemented by other system upgrades and it gets enjoyed daily with music ranging from pop to post punk to prog and electronic. However, I am curious about how a modern high-end table would compare. Has anyone compared something like my Kenwood to Rega RPs, Funk
  5. Just to close this one out, I got my Kenwood KD-750 back from Chris Kim today. For what I thought was a very reasonable sum, he repaired the speed issue and recapped everything he could. Quartz lamp comes on quickly. Hopefully it'll go well for another 40 years. Chris was a great recommendation, thanks again Greg.
  6. Thanks Greg, I'll give him a call.
  7. For NSW people, Hat Hill Records in Blackheath has the machine to do this and charges $10 for every successful flattening. Good stock of vinyl there too, I walked out with two flat and two new LPs.
  8. Hi all, I have a lovely sounding Kenwood KD-750 turntable that’s started to slow down intermittently. the quartz lock light has never come on while I’ve had it but it’s previously maintained the correct pitch. I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone in Sydney (preferably where I work out west) who could do this work and perhaps give it a once over. Cheers Nigel.
  9. Further information: Monitor 7 S7s and centre speakers in good condition. These really lifted the sound quality of my system. Centre speaker included, working well but I didn’t use it much. Can listen in Mittagong or I can meet you in or near Seven Hills during days I come to the office. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item
  10. Hi there. Looking to upgrade speakers from Paradigm 7 V7s, I have a CA amp and Kenwood TT. Cheers.
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