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  1. For sale is a very high quality clone of the Pass Labs XONO Moving Magnet/Moving Coil Phono Stage. Built using professionally produced PCBs and the highest quality components I could get, it has a separate precision power supply just like the original. This phono stage sounds superb and has a lot of options for adjusting cartridge loading etc. It has balanced outputs, which is all I have used, however if desired I can add single ended RCA jacks to the back panel. I'll also include a printed copy of the service and owners manuals which cover setup and adjustment of cartridge loading etc.
  2. I have for sale a very nice Thorens TD316 turntable, which is fitted with a Rega RB251 Tonearm, Michell Engineering precision counterweight and an Ortofon MC15 Super II moving coil cartridge. It's all in very good condition, and the cartridge has only had around 10-20hrs use. Also included are the original tonearm, and I have the dust cover hinges, but I don't have a cover. From memory the tonearm/weight/cartridge cost me at least the asking price for the whole setup. Pickup only as it's too hard to ship the table. I can demo it working, however I'm also selling my phono stage so i
  3. Hi, I'm looking to find a new home for a pair of home built "Statements" tower speakers. These were built some years ago and used infrequently in my home theatre/listening room. They are built to a very high standard (IMO), but I moved them into my listening room for testing and they never left, so I never got around to painting the cabinets or veneering them which was my plan. So if someone wants to do a bit of finishing work on the cabinets, they would be a bargain for the cost and work that went into them. Note that the grey around the drivers on the front is primer to seal the MDF when the
  4. Hi guys, new user here from Melbourne, just want to introduce myself! cheers, Silicon-Surfer
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