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  1. So after finding myself in a music store with that old familiar joy of looking through vinyl albums I wanted to add a turntable to my setup. The Project X1 is what I was thinking I would dip my toe in with. I have boxes of vinyl of classical from the old family home, but they are in average to poor condition. (but recordings I cannot get any more) So my question is: If I am playing both new and old vinyl records, am I going to destroy the needle? What do others here do about their original and mint collection without killing a $300 needle? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Dom V. I'll what response I get over time for NSW. Speakers are pretty high risk unfortunately. Looks like Dynaudio has set up headquarters in Queensland...
  3. I was wondering if I might hear from you. I have already spoken to you on Gumtree before posting here. I posted here in the hope that someone from NSW would come out of the woodwork.
  4. Item: Dynaudio Focus 140 Bookshelf speakers. Price Range: Approx $1000-1200 or make an offer. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Preferably In NSW and but will consider all.
  5. Hi everyone. Great to be aboard. Finally decided to pull the pin on a great hifi setup and the community has been invaluable here. Cheers
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