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  1. Have a look at the Yamaha WXAD 10... budget friendly, simple to setup can do blue tooth, wireless streaming from phone, tablet, server or streaming service... Very simple & quite effective solution.. I have one myself.. I don't stream from spotify, tidal, etc... but, I do stream off a hard-drive connected to my wireless router & it works very well... new price is $215 at a good number of stores... including online with free postage...
  2. Pretty darn good IMHO... kicks my CD version's butt.... they've done a great job of mastering this version & the pressing seems pretty good too... a little bit of surface noise but, I suspect that's likely to be detergent residue from my US cleaner rather than the pressing itself.. Couldn't be happier
  3. To round out the evening's entertainment... Ennio Morricone: The Mission Quite possibly my favourite soundtrack...
  4. So... on the back of listening to Rumours I've given 'The Alternative Rumours' a spin... Hmmmm, it's quite interesting... A subtle change here, a different bass line there... Here a slight change in vocal mix, there a guitar embellishment or, not in some cases... And then there is the Demo version of The Chain... man is that different... Would these takes/mixes have become as iconic as the album is... guess we'll never know... Definitely worth a listen but, I'm not 100% taken with these versions... however... Is that because I'm so familiar with the tracks a
  5. Dynamics are really good, small amount of surface noise, occasional pop/click but, that might be some residual detergent from running it through my US cleaner (I don't rinse). I did have the 45Rpm version on back order fm the US but, after 2 months I was getting impatient so cancelled & got this through Discrepancy Records. Definitely no groove distortion on my copy, pretty happy & definitely a better master than the cd version I own...
  6. Finally, some time to sit & listen to: Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (Pressed @ Pallas)
  7. Ennio Morricone: The Mission One of my favourite soundtracks...
  8. Thankyou @Janjuc, I listened to this & really got into it... very primal, somewhat ethereal... I've downloaded a .wav version from Bandcamp & might just yet pick up a vinyl copy... Cheers
  9. Copy of Rumours 'Pressed at Pallas' 33 1/3 & The Alternate Rumours arrived today... Looking forward to a listen...
  10. Perhaps have a look at Yamaha WXAD 10... relatively inexpensive & quite flexible in how it can be used... I use one to connect wifi sources to my tube amp... Pretty happy with the results & the cost Cheers
  11. Another pair of valves, this time to slide into the driver slots & replace the OEM Prima Luna 12AU7's ... Pair of vintage Amperex E80CC / 6085 Gold Pins... Allegedly going to be delivered today... & then, I'm done for a while... lest I not live to enjoy the results...
  12. What's the quality of this pressing like @El Tel? I've been a bit curious about this version but, have hesitated to pull the trigger on it on the basis that the current EU pressing release of Rumours sounds horrible.. I'm currently waiting on the 2 x 45Rpm LP version 'Pressed at Pallas' to be shipped from the US... if this alternate Rumours is a good pressing, I might just pick up a copy.. Cheers
  13. Not withstanding the RIAA's role in all of this... I remember being somewhat bemused at the hypocrisy of Lars Ulrich in his stand on Napster... for those of you who don't know, Lars was huge into tape trading (across the world in fact) in his teenage years & yet there he was very vocal in his opposition to the more modern equivalent now that he was a 'famous rockstar'...... no double standards there now was there?? I wouldn't mind the furore & court cases if the artist themselves really saw a tangible benefit... but, they don't.. they get paid a pittance in royalties from e
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