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  1. SHUGUANG CV181-T BLACK TREASURE IN WILLSENTON R8 6SN7 POSITION - INITIAL REPORT On switching the amp back on, the immediate impression was "too much bass". I wondered if I may have to moderate the bass response in my REL subwoofer. However, after about 10 minutes, this impression subsided and bass went back to more or less how it was before (when using the current production Tung Sol 6SN7 GTBs). I had been told (via the internet) that the tubes would sound awful until they had 100 to 300 hours on them, but in fact they don't sound bad at all. All I am hearing that is less good than
  2. Absolutely. What I am enjoying very much, with the help of this thread, is the ability to 'tune' the system to my tastes and preferences, and to work on the interplay between different components, with a view to arriving at the sound I enjoy most. With my previous SS gear, this was never possible of course - what I got was what I got and if I didn't like it, I had to change the whole amp. I am getting there! I enjoyed the R8 as soon as I got it, right out of the box. But since then it has just got better and better and better. And I expect that to continue as I learn more and discover new tube
  3. I don't know That is what I was trying to explore in that lengthy rant. But I see no reason why there shouldn't be one. It cannot be impossible to do it, so maybe there is no demand, or the cost would be prohibitive these days. But unless I haven't looked hard enough, I can't find and re-issues that cost hundreds of dollars each, whereas that price is common for the older tubes. Maybe if a manufacturer was prepared to make a modern tube that cost $300, we would have an answer. It doesn't matter really - only the sound matters and I know we agree on that! This is somethi
  4. I can find nothing to disagree with in your reply As I said, I can't imagine ever wanting to change my Tung Sol 6C8G tubes - the very second they went in, I appreciated the difference they made. They are glorious. BTW, I wasn't intending to challenge your earlier post in any way - it just served as a sort of springboard for me to momentarily mount my high horse It's just more of a sort of academic discussion about old vs new rather than a serious examination of their respective merits. At the end of the day, it is all about how good the sound is, regardless of when or where the tubes were
  5. Sure - but the military don't have a monopoly on manufacturing quality. AFAIK there has never been a military turntable, but modern turntables of fantastic quality exist, as do modern cartridges also for example. And materials have progressed too, usually for the better. Much of this sort of argument seems to be a way of looking for reasons to justify a previously adopted position - ie that vintage tubes are automatically superior to new tubes. Also, there is zero point in manufacturing a hifi component so that it can tolerate 7G. Don't get me wrong - I acknowledge that many vintage tubes a
  6. WARNING: AHEAD LIE DANGEROUS WATERS - PROCEED AT OWN RISK It's an interesting idea that nobody can manufacturer a vacuum tube properly any more. I can see that in the immediate aftermath of the move to transistors manufacturers would lose interest in tubes - a market they would see as finished, or at least in terminal decline. Compare it loosely with the shift from analogue LPs to digital CDs. But once it becomes evident that there is a newly resurgent or continuing market for a product, usually some enterprising manufacturers will step in to fill the vacuum (excuse the pun), muc
  7. They are lovely - and not all that expensive. About 50% more expensive than the new ShuGuang Black Treasures I just bought for the 6SN7 position. Great looking tubes too - very similar to my Tung Sol 6C8Gs (which are totally a-ma-zing!).
  8. Yeah, he'd have been stung on mine if he'd offered a 90 day warranty on them - it failed at 89 days! It's interesting that two of my tubes (the Tung Sol 6C8Gs) are 70 years old and still going strong, while the 89 *day* old tube is kaput. You may recall that I liked the Tung Sol 6C8Gs so much that I bought another pair as 'backup' in case of failure. Seems like I should have bought a couple of spare 6CA7s instead
  9. I will check the tubes and boxes for codes and report back. Unfortunately, no date codes. Nothing on the tube itself other than the manufacturer's logo and branding. Nothing on the box other than the little sticker with the test result data and a bar code. Searching the bar code number returns nothing. I bought the tubes from vivatubes.com so I think I will contact them and see what they say. I'm not especially bothered about a refund or replacement (although I won't say no) because the TS EL34Bs I have replaced them with are, IMO, superior. EDIT: OK, I have emailed th
  10. The silvery coating is OK - the residue in the tubes is a sort of flakey substance. Googling suggests that it is most often caused by a vacuum leak from the tube, which apparently can have various causes. Obviously, I have no idea at all what it could be I am betting for now it is a faulty tube (because that is a less painful option) and am keeping my eye closely on the bias and, of course, the tubes themselves. If one of the new EL34s starts to exhibit the same problem, then it has to be the amp. I am planning to take it in at some point to have that resistor fitted so they guy can check it
  11. I have already noticed that huge soundstage! I am very excited to hear how these develop when they have 80 or more hours on them.
  12. I am glad you asked! Now it is early days and my TS EL34Bs have only a few hours on them, so please bear that in mind. HST, WOW! Just WOW! I am blown away. They have the edge on my EH 6CA7 Fat Boys. The midrange is even more lovely and so smooth and euphonic and musical. The top is clear without a hint of strain or stridency. Human voice is a little more forward, but not too much, and has an even greater sense of realism. And the bass is, to my taste, terrific. It is deep enough and has a fabulous 'organic' and 'fruity' quality, which I like. It may tend a little to plumpness but personally I
  13. OK - what may be useful info . . . I took a close look at the suspect EH 6CA7 tube. It has a bad case of dandruff on the inside! At first I thought the little marks were on the outside of the glass, but they are on the inside, and they move around if I shake the tube. A bit like a really cr&p snowglobe. I checked the other tubes and none of them have any traces of this. So, any ideas as to a) what the white residue is and b) what can cause it? Clearly something is amiss with this one tube. I have marked in red one or two of the examples, for clarity, but you can s
  14. I am fortunate to have a very good guitar shop not too far away from where I live, and since guitar amps are invariably tube amps, the shop also sells a wide variety of tubes. They are exclusively current production, however. So today, I have acquired a matched quad of four Tung Sol EL34B tubes, which, by all accounts, are not too bad for current production tubes. I just couldn't listen to the KT88s really, and I did try, but they are not for me. Or at least, the stock Willsenton KT88s are not, and I have never heard any others. I went this route as an alternative to replacing the one faulty
  15. Just AAMOI, the bias on all four (KT88) tubes is totally stable again today, so I think I can rule out a problem with the R8 itself. Fingers still crossed. And I still intend to get those resistors fitted. Although the sound of the KT88s isn't for me, I am impressed at how much more grunt the amp has when using them - a big reduction on the volume control for my usual listening levels. But it#s still EL34s for me I think - I am not lacking power with my speakers/room/music/listening level preferences. I also like the way the KT88s look - very 'purposeful'. But the amp i
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