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  1. 18 minutes ago, Graywulf said:

    To try and make this 'easy' for you, (as it was made for me, many years ago)

    if you think of volume/loudness, 3db is a doubling. So, to gain 3db more volume from an amplifier, 25 watts, would require 50 watts, then 100, then 200 and so forth. So if you have a 50 watt amp, and 85db speakers,  Vs 90db (@ 1 watt metre = loudness at 1 metre using 1 watt) you'd require in effect doubling the amps power to match the 90db speakers using 85db ones, this is highly simplified, and I am not technical enough to fully understand or explain the complex mathematics involved.

      so low power amps require more efficient 90-100db speakers (you can drive inefficient speakers ( say -87db) with low power, but you will simply not get the best from them). Conversely you can drive efficient speakers very well with high power amps.....  This is called 'headroom' = reserve of power the amp has at a given volume to deal with high volume/fast transient sounds (good example real cannon on the 1812 overture) The high power amp will  'control' the speakers. 

    hope this simplified explanation makes sense and helps you.


    Graywulf.   Thank you.  OK.  I feel like I’m moving. I don’t know where it’s going to take me, but you and all the other kind replies, have started me off. Any suggestions on a pre and power amplifier for a beginner ? Any thoughts would be very gratefully received. Again, many, many thanks to everyone for starting me off. Julia 


  2. Thank you everyone for replying to my cry for help. I really appreciate all of your thoughts. It becomes apparent that I have a huge amount to learn, as ohms, sensitivities, db, etc, are understandable words and definitions are easy to find. However, as a real novice but true enthusiast, I am lost when you start to combine these words. How do I start to learn ? Is there a beginners bible, a book where you learn without being talked down to ? If not, why has nobody from this excellent forum not written one ? It would be a huge help and might encourage many novices, like myself, to enter the black art of sound. Again, very many thanks to those who have replied and started me on my journey of discovery. Julia 

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  3. Hi everyone, I am just starting out on my way into the Audiophile world and I really need some help. I was recently given a pair of Dynaudio Excite X14 speakers and I have bought a Palanar turntable and I need to buy an amplifier. I have been into 3 different Hi Fi stores and have been given 3 totally answers. I have read copious reviews and spent hours trawling through YouTube and I am now so confused, I have no idea of what to buy. I have been told that Dynaudio take a lot of grunt to get them working at their best. I have absolutely no idea of what that even means. If anyone out there has any (polite) suggestions, I would be eternally grateful.

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