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  1. Thanks all for your helpful replies. I'll digest and come back with more info. My budget is a modest $2000, I don't think I could justify more than that. I suspect a replacement setup may look very different from what I have now.
  2. I bought a nice Yamaha/Wharfdale sound system from Len Wallis Audio in Sydney NSW in 1990 (amp, CD player and two good speakers). It has been a great, reliable sound system but after a while the LED that showed the amp was on died and recently the CD player won't turn on any more. Browsing, it seems a lot has happened in the world of hifi in the past 30 years and I am sadly out of date - it seems like most components can now link by bluetooth rather than cables and I could stream my smart TV and NAS through a sound system. Can any kind soul in the know bring me up to date with hifi capabili
  3. Hi all, new member here, looking for an update on the world of hifi after my 30 year old Yamaha system, bought from Len Wallis Audio, finally gave up the ghost. I suspect things are pretty different now...
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