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  1. Well yes, maybe you are right. I have now upgraded my system for around $10.000, and sure, it has improved....but not by much. The biggest difference was the speakers; Focal Aria 936, but in some songs and in my room, they sound very boomy below 60-80hz, and thats another reason why I want to use my AVR as a preamp, so I can cut them off and let the subwoofers take care of those low frequencies.
  2. Another thing I want to say regarding the MF, is that there is this white noise coming from the speakers tweeters. I had read about the MF being completely quiet, but its not! When I have my speakers connected to my Denon, I can turn the volume all the way up without hearing any noise at all. But with the MF I can hear at my listening position already when the volume nob is at 12 o clock..
  3. Yes I have it connected like that. I also tried connecting my sources directly to the MF, and it sound good, but it sound as god with the Denon. Only thing I notice is that the MF is a bit brighter......which for me is not a good thing......it only hurts my ears when its too bright. EDIT; I actually don’t have it set up like that anymore. I tried it in the beginning, but it doesn’t sound as good as using the AVR as a preamp that has audyssey room correction, and also the ability to change the bass and treble. I can also add and remove my subwoofers. Running
  4. And what did you do about it? Im just running it through one of the other analog inputs now, with the volume turned up. But to be honest......I don’t hear any difference in sound quality, other than its a little bit brighter than my Denon AVR. There were several people telling me that there would be a HUGE improvement, playing music with a dedicated stereo amplifier, compared to a home theater receiver, but there is none. So it feels like I wasted $2000 and got nothing, other than the hardware itself to look at....
  5. Hello everybody! I just got my Musical Fidelity M5SI and hooked it up to my Denon AVR-X4500H. The sound via the HT bypass input sounds terrible! Its crackling and fading in and out. If I connect something directly to the MF M5SI there is no problem. It only occurs when playing something from the Denon into the MF, with the switch set to HT. I have tried a couple of different RCA cables, but no luck. The crackling occurs in both channels, but mostly in the right. Could there be a fault in the MF, or the Denon?
  6. There were someone who wrote that he connected the pre-out on the M5si to the CD in on his AVR.....that way he could turn on his AVR and put it on cd and also have the subwoofer active while playing music. Is this something that works? Is it safe?
  7. I can’t use the phono input because I have a moving coil cartridge. I have an external phono preamp. I can just connect it to a free analogue input on the M5si.....doesn’t matter which one, right?
  8. Correct me if Im wrong. I found this searching the internet.... If I connect my turntable and dac through the Denon......it seems like the Denon will act like a preamp, and the M5si will only be a poweramp.....is this correct? In that case maybe its best to connect directly to the M5si. I still have no clue what the difference will be......but I guess I can find out when I get it home. Its just a pain in the a* crawling behind the TV bench.....swapping out cables etc...
  9. I have no idea about anything! I don’t know what current is, or damping factor. I have just tried to figure out a good amp for these speakers, and I have now ordered the M5si. I found it in Italy for 900 USD less than here in Sweden. A HUGE difference. Now all I want to know if there are any drawbacks with connecting my turntable and DAC to my denon instead of directly into the M5si. I can’t see why it shouldn’t be exactly the same? but with the benefits of be able to use my subwoofer if i should need. Be able to use tone control, surround sound etc... The M6si 500 is 5000 USD, and I paye
  10. I was first looking at the M6si, but then I found a thread here in this forum were they talked about the Arias needed more current, and not more power. And for some reason the m5si got more current than the m6si. "Don't be fooled by the "extra power" the M6Si is a lower current amplifier than the M5Si. This is what I was talking about when I said you need more current, not more power. The 5 may actually be a better match for your speakers."
  11. Well.....playing music with a AVR works......it has been working for me the last 15 years or so, and it do sound really good! But if it can sound even better.....especially now with my Focals, then I really want to make it so. And I have a 9.2 surround system for movies that sound amazing. And I really don’t hope that bypassing my front speakers to a MF M5si will make it worse in any way.....but instead even better, both for music and movies. What I really want to know now is what I mentioned before; " To me it should work just as well having everything conne
  12. The other thing Im a little bit worried about, is buying a M5si for about 2500 USD, and not hearing any difference from My Denon AVR-x4500h. That would really be a waste of A LOT of money. But there are a lot of people saying that it should make a huge improvement, and It better. I wish I could just try one out, and return it I f I don’t like it.
  13. In my research, I have found that the Musical Fidelity M5si should fit my Focal Aria 936 very well.....more so than the M6si, because the M5si got more current than the M6si (Whatever that means...) There is only one thing that bugs me, and that is that I really want to have the choice to use my subwoofers, even when playing music. What will happen if i Bypass my front speakers to the M5si (If i were to buy that one) and then keep my turntable and my dac connected to my AVR. Shouldn’t that work? What would be the downsides of that? Do they really need to be connected di
  14. Hi Everybody! Im currently using a Denon AVR-x4500h as my only amplifier for both movies and musik. I have a Clearaudio Concept MC connected to this via a Vincent PHO-701 I read somewhere that AVR receivers aren’t that good when playing music, and that you need a dedicated stereo amp, to get the most out of you music playing. I am a noob at all this kind of stuff, so I don’t know if that is true or not? I have a couple of Focal Aria 936 on the way, and I have been looking at the Musical Fidelity M6si, the M5si and also on a Yamaha a-s1200. I don’t know if any of these are good c
  15. Hi! Niklas here from Sweden. New to hifi, but looking to upgrade my system and need some help doing so. :-)
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