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  1. Item: Pioneer HPM-100 or Pioneer S-910 / 1010 Price Range: Open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hey guys I'm quite new to the vintage hifi scene and these style of speakers have really caught my eye Would love to see if there's any of these floating around out there and what people would like to let them go for I'm based in Melbourne Thanks so much! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. @VanArn Thanks for that valuable advice! I very much appreciate your insight I've decided to just take it into a local repairer rather than try myself. I am keen to try bring these back to as close to new as possible so am going to let the professionals do the job Thanks all again!
  3. Ahhhh yes, thanks very much for that @BuzzzFuzzz that is probably very sound advice... I'd be happy for that to happen otherwise I can delete and repost over there? I've been given the advice that it shouldn't be too hard to pull them apart and remove the glue and refoam again (love double handling). I'm interested to know if the glue that's been slapped all over the cones would be affecting the sound quality at all too in their current state Many thanks
  4. Hey All! I've recently come into a pair of Pioneer HPM-60's which sound absolutely lovely to my amateur ears. The only qualm I have with them is they seem to have undergone an unfortunate refoaming job which has left this nasty looking black glue around both of the woofers. There's also some sort of residue from I have no idea what around the plastic surrounds too which wipes off (see the top left for example) They seem to be in pretty good nick otherwise! Is there any chance of me being able to clean these up and make them look as nice as
  5. Hi All! Thanks so much for your info, I'll make sure to have a good dig through all the classifieds Also kind thanks to @audiofeline and @surprisetech for your offers, I'll do a bit of reading and get back to you! I've potentially been offered a set of pioneer hpm-60's for $400-$500 which I might take a look at this week, any advice on those are welcome! And I guess if I go for them I'll be in the market for amp + tuner to pair nicely with them! Cheers
  6. Item: Vintage Speakers ( Potentially Amp + Tuner ) Price Range: $500 - $1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hi All, I apologise for the vagueness in my post, I'm in the process of my first foray into vintage hi-fi and thought I might just throw this post out there to see what might come up. I'm ideally looking at something to fill a medium to large sized room, and have been really attracted to japanese builds in my hunts so far, think yahama ns-xxxx, diatones, pioneer hp-100 (saw a pair go up on facebook recently for $700 and kicking myself I didn't make it th
  7. Awesome thank you, I shall keep my eyes out there
  8. Thank you very much! Am more than open to any advice or pointers in the right direction to start looking have a budget of around $1000 or so
  9. Hi all, excited to be here and learn a bit about the wonderful world of hifi and more. Am moving house shortly and think I have decided I'm in the market for some form of old school Japanese made system to bring some audio delights into the new place. So I'm here to learn, browse and get involved Cheers
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