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  1. Are Pioneer a good brand? They're one of the only audio brands I still remember from my childhood. I think of them more like Teac than of Sony, if you know what I mean.
  2. Thanks Dr. I'm also looking at the clearance and open box listings too.
  3. Thank you, AI.M, I'll look through that post. Would you consider those 3 brands you mentioned generally reputable, providing I do my own research on any one model of speaker I set my eyes on?
  4. I appreciate the reply, Dr. I've been scoping Gumtree for the last week or so, and I'll keep on it. Would you not recommend anything new at all in my price range?
  5. Don't all jump in at once guys, I need some time to go through all the advice...
  6. I need your help looking for a 3.1 home theatre setup for my small lounge room. I've already bought a Sony STR-DH590 receiver because my old HTIAB crapped out and I just wanted to power my old HT805TH I've just pulled out of storage with my new TV. At least of course until I can pair my AVR with some better speakers. Basically, anything will be an upgrade. I wouldn’t call myself a particularly decerning “audiophile”, so I’m just trying to get a decent setup with L/C/R speakers (probably bookshelf with stands) plus a sub without having to break more than $1,000 if possible. They’ll
  7. Hey All, I'm just looking to do some research on Home Theater gear so I can upgrade my old basic LG 5.1 system that just crapped out.
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