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  1. I needed to take a step back and revisit the original purpose of this system, as my desires were starting to bound forward into the rabbit hole. The need was for a system accessible to the whole family, not just my vinyl pleasure. So the beautiful AE500 stay along with the stands and speaker cables and interconnects. The P1 has gone and in comes the P3 with an Exact cartridge. Out goes the A-S701 and WXAD-10, these to be replaced by an every so easy to use Quad Venna II Play @ $1,650 (half the family is 90% bluetooth stream). I can see I will want to add a dual mono powe
  2. The ECI-3 listed in the classifieds for $1,800 could be a good option with the addition of a phono pre amplifier and it is local too. Now to decide on what that phono pre amp should be.
  3. What would you suggest for a shortlist in the sub $3,000 range to compliment my other components ?
  4. Don’t know if I wanna go down the valve rabbit hole just yet.
  5. Would not call the A-S701 dull as it has plenty of grunt to it’s delivery and is not forced upon you or harsh as some suggest. However it does lack the tonal quality and dynamic range that the AE500 seek.
  6. VVYep for the price they have a lot to offer. On a side note I also ran the Yamaha into the popular Wharfedale evo 4.2 and 4.4 with little effort, but the sound of the evo is another thread in itself. apologies for the average text, I am really struggling with this iPad tonight.
  7. HLimited time with the Yamaha but I did like the sound but the AE500 have a lot more to offer. I did have the a Music Fidelity M3si connected when I was auditioning the AE500 and the sound was quite noticeably different to when the Yamaha A-S701 was connected. The Yamaha is a good amplifier but at. touch over $1000 we are down the bottom end of the scale. yes I have considered a higher end MOSFET Yamaha but $$$$ is beyond me Atm
  8. NWell things have moved along somewhat since my first introduction post. So Set a budget on a multipurpose system to get some action happening and to avoid emotions and expense running away wild, as it can easily do. After it was all said and done I ended up with Rega P1 and Bias 2 cartridge ( to involve the younger members if the family) Yamaha A-S701 integrated amplifier, Yamaha WXAD-10 for the family to stream Spotify from their iPhones and all out through a lovely pair of Acoustic Energy AE500 standmounts. The time has now come to donated the P1 and A-S701 to my son's syste
  9. Well things changed somewhat. now have Yamaha A-S701 with a WXAD-10 line input for streaming needs. Still running the Rega P1 for now and went from the Dynauduio M20 to the popular Wharfedale Evo 4.2 but finally settled on a pair of Acoustic Energy 500 for their beautiful tight tonal quality. The only thing is I will also need to get a small 8" sub to extend the bass for some tracks. Still trying to decide in the stands, however I have another month or so till I am back home to set this system up fully. the 803 has been 'donated' to my son as will the the P1 down the way, when
  10. Just getting back into the Hi Fi world, be it at what would be considered the low end of the scale but will suit our needs. Those needs are with a system that has ability to play vinyl, stream the kids digital music all through a single amplifier with the end result being a nice full sound from some stand mount speakers situated within a medium sized room. At present I have purchased a REGA P1 and a YAMAHA R-N803D with the view to send it all out of a pair of DYNAUDIO EMIT M20 stand mounted, however I am endeavouring to listen to a few different options within the sub $2,000 price ran
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