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  1. I was also using some Monster cable for many years. Contacted forum member Bill (Bill's Cables) who made up some Canare cables terminated with sawtooth banana plugs. Absolutely top notch quality and the audio improvement was large. Highly recommended. I would contact Bill for your needs, you wont go wrong.
  2. Forum member Bill (Bills Cables) high;y recommended. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/328-bills-cables/
  3. Hi Bill, The jumpers are fantastic, the audible improvement is significant over the plain 12awg wire I was using. Your cables are top notch ☺️ the system is now sounding very good indeed. Cheers Alan
  4. Hi Bill, it was good to meet you, you are a gentleman. The cables are fantastic, not only in presentation and looks but the quality of these is superb. Fist time I have used the sawtooth bananas, what a nice tight fit. The system has never sounded as good, surprisingly bi-wiring these Mission Speakers is an improvement, better separation and the boominess is gone, a tighter crisper sound. Your cables are highly recommendable. Cheers Alan
  5. Hi everyone, recently back into vinyl and looking forward expanding my hifi knowledge. Rega Turntable,Yamaha amp and CD player, Mission MX2 speakers. Cheers Alan33
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