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  1. Hi . Thanks for the advice ,but the plan is to go with the original drivers as the box is tuned to their specs . A long time ago I had one of the staff at scanspeak ( they imported mostly Scandinavian driver and speaker kits re calculate the port length for the long throw drivers. The original kit was published in Electronics Australia in 1987 If I cannot get Whole drivers I'll try and find somewhere I can get the voice coils re wound I may get lucky . haha. There were a pair for sale in the U.S.A but including shipping the cost was ri
  2. Item: re building my old 3 way kit from the late 80's Kids destroyed the woofers and so I need two replacements. Price Range:will consider all reasonable offers Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info
  3. I have the speakers . Great bass reflex design. shame VIFA has sold to China If you are still interested I have the specs for the drivers and the Electronics Australia Article review and kit instructions for assembly
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