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  1. Should put something under the bottom of the CD so the waveguide is fat to the baffle
  2. To bad he didn't put my name on the bottom when we were working on the pcb design together, i actually flew to his house in Atlanta to visit for 2 weeks all the way from Canada Brian is a very good guy !!
  3. Those look like the BrianGT chip amp psu boards...
  4. My cabinet was ported yup,, the DP was decent but had Zero bass. You won't be able to buy the Iwattas they stopped making them a few years ago. You might be able to find them on line used tho ? Right now i have a test box being made so i can Mate my Iwattas to a 8" motus woofer, it should be a very very nice setup..
  5. I don't think you will have problems pushing the Compression driver lower, i put a Celestion CDX1-1445 to about 900hz WAY below and it was perfectly fine, i was told from a well known speaker builder that you can do this because the CD will neve even see 2watts, most of the time they are padded way down. I measured mine and never had any issues. Do you have a microphone & dats box to start working on your crossover ? pic of what i had. TBW i had the exact same 12" woofer too.
  6. I saw this on DIY Audio group, where is the transformer tho and he tapped ever hole with out lube too ! lol
  7. I think i'm going back to a 2way setup with a pair of Horns Going to mate these Iwatta hors with the DE250 CD's & a Motus 8" woofer..
  8. The chassis from Diyaudio com store are really nice, a bit pricy but really nice ! Well worth the money for the high quality..
  9. If you have any issues, let me know, I talk to Brian all the time still I was one of the first guys to see these boards in person flew from Canada to his house to meet him stayed there 2 weeks had a blast with Brian & his wife ..
  10. Should see how hot my Little Aleph mini's get with 24V rails & only 2 output devices lol ! DAMN HOT!
  11. That little heatsink is PLENTY for a little chip amp..
  12. That would be me, pm me I had them, and the Person that made them is Garreth Robers, him and i worked on the boards together.
  13. Today's 2 Project's Finish soldering on all the SMD Melf resistors for my Stereo All in one SSR board and do some testing. & THEN work on my Aleph Mini Class A project using 2 MeanWell SMPS powersupplies ! I have been working on this for a few weeks now and FINALY got the noise removed on the PSU's so now i have clean ripple free 25V dc rails VERY excited because now I can work on the next stage of this project !! Happy dance !
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