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  1. I've got a couple of the F18's on order, I like the sealed vs ported and the size of the F18's helps. Can't wait to have a listen in my room. Thanks for the guide also.
  2. @stinger How did you set-up the subs? Mini DSP/REW or other? Ive got a couple on order and looking at your output curve its nice & consistent with the output.
  3. I’m not sure if you’ve contacted Krix to discuss your thoughts....Michael who handles the customer service/social media replies. Is very quick to reply as well as detailed with his responses. Ask a bunch of questions about what to run where etc and he’ll give some good insight on his suggestions. I sent them a message via Facebook messenger and he was most helpful.
  4. I had roughly the same 2 systems as my final choices, after Auditioning both of them back to back at the same retailer, it was the "Size/Breadth" of the soundstage of the Krix that sent me in that direction. I loved the 702's for music, just found the HTM71 a little lacking compared to the Krix for HT. I went with the Phonix on walls for Sides & Rears. The Epicentrix is a beast of a speaker though, (around 40kg) make sure you have the space to support it. Enjoy the shopping
  5. The MRX 740 only has control for 1 sub, the AVM 70 & the 1140 will have dual sub control in the future when the firmware updates. I was aware of this when purchasing, always had the mini dsp in mind
  6. So after a couple of teething problems setting the unit up. I could get it to connect to the internet & update the firmware, though took me a few hours to work out how to find the browser control access via the IP address of the device. (Solution was i wasn't entering the "http://" before I typed in the device IP address) I gave it a listen for a few hours with just a couple of manual adjustments before running ARC Genesis. Im running the MRX 740 as a processor with the onboard amps matrixed to run my Atmos Speakers and then connected to an Elektra HD2 7 Channel to run the bed layer.
  7. Yes - they were in store also when I picked this up
  8. I’ll let you know later, just connecting and downloading latest firmware. Hasn’t made a sound yet ?
  9. I just picked up an N7 that was delivered late last week - Ordered back in December. Less than 20 came into Australia on that shipment.
  10. Item: Rotel Multi channel power Amplifier - RMB 1075 or RMB 1555 Price Range: Let me know? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Melbourne - Victoria preferred - wanted to run Atmos speakers, open to other 4-5 channel power amps Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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