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  1. Im on the hunt for a Schiit Loki in black finish. Please contact if you have one. Either new or used is fine.
  2. Are these discontinued now? Havent found a unit in stock anywhere yet.
  3. Ok thanks. I might look into some digital eq options then. As I have a largely car audio background seems very foreign to not have some adjustments available!
  4. Why are 31 band style equalisers not really a thing in home hifi - I understand that modern equipment does auto room correction via Audyssey, YAPO etc mics etc but dont people prefer to tune to their own tastes, rather than just switch out equipment? Question stems abit from frustration here.. Im only just dipping my toe into proper home hifi but Im playing with a bunch of VAF gear trying to get some decent midbass when I feel it could be easily tuned in using an equaliser. Any advice appreciated as Im struggling. Checked all speaker levels, measured di
  5. VAF subwoofer found. Will still look at centre speakers.
  6. Looking for any suggestions/advise. I am looking for a power amp to run my VAF DCX Gen 4s. Currently available to me is an old Carver Sunfire 300, and also in same price point is multiple new products from March Audio, both watt outputs are similar. As an Electrician by trade the idea of old electronics reliability is not something that sounds greatly appealing to me, but is it worth considering some of the older high end product? I dont have any audiable experience with high end vintage equipment, should it be something I look/listen into?
  7. Thank you, but too small for what Im after.
  8. Item: VAF Centre Speaker and Sub. Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for VAF centre speaker DCX GEN 4 in black finish would be ideal but happy to look at all models. Also after a VAF subwoofer. Happy to pay associated postage costs.
  9. Ceiling is 8mtr high.... 😁 The recommendations of particular amps is very much appreciated, I will be looking them up.
  10. Thank you for the recommendation. The space is 1200mm3 - house is made from an old hall.
  11. I really appreciate the info and suggestions on how I should build the system. But Im still trying to find out about Wattage outputs on power amps being lower than what AVRs are stating. I went into VAF last week and had a chat with them about what I am planning to do, they suggested I use a quality AVR to begin with. But I would like to feed the front speakers 200W or more ideally so thats why I started look at power amps as well.
  12. I want to use an AVR as old unit is too dated to run 4k etc, I want the ability to do surround sound and I also want sub(s) control when playing music. Im not sure how I shouldn't worry about watts? I need large volume output. Do I assume because it is a stereo/intergrated/power amp its output will be more than the AVR even tho they are rated at much less watts?
  13. I am currently looking to upgrade my AVR. System is mainly used for music and occasional movies and TV watching. I have a set of VAF DCX gen 3 which I am looking to feed more power. The price range of AVRs I am looking at all seem to have an output of around 140W into 8ohm. Due to my large listening area Id like to feed the VAFs more power than that. I have been looking into an additional power amp to go with the AVR but their output wattage generally seems to be lower than what the AVR will output, unless I am looking at PRO level, rack mount style of equipm
  14. Currently own VAF Dcx Gen 4 running off old Yammy high end model AVR. Have just purchased a new house with a huge open interior. Looking for advise to update and upgrade complete system to work in this new space. Very much a fan of VAF equipment, and like the idea of supporting local. All and any advice greatly appreciated.
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