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  1. Further information: Purchased from Weston Acoustics in January this year, a beautiful looking and sounding amplifier. I am selling as I am going down the active speaker route and this wonderful amp would be going to waste if I were to hold onto it. I am including one set of Canare 4s8 Speaker Cables (3m long, Banana plugs each end) in the sale. Info from Weston Acoustics website: Troubadour 350. The Troubadour 350 is an upgraded version of the Troubadour 6L6. Upgrades include larger power supply, upgraded cathode capacitors, output transformers, Gold Lion KT66 output tubes.
  2. Hi Rohan I haven't been able to get any confirmation from the supplier regarding the balance of the warranty being transferable, you would hope they would with the original receipt though. I guess its the risk with purchasing from classifieds such as this, but I hope the significant discount to RRP will offset this risk somewhat. If I get any further response from the supplier I will update. Kind regards Jamie
  3. Further information: Purchased from Klapp Av in Feb this year. Brand new, only opened once, paired to Bluesound App and tested. Changed my mind on which direction I wanted to go. FEATURES: Easily drive your existing pair of premium speakers HybridDigital™ amp and DAC technologies ensures flawless playback with precision and clarity. HDMI (ARC & eARC) connectivity 60 Watts x 2 into 8 ohms of HybridDigital™ power. Featuring digital and analog input/output options, headphone stereo mini jack, subwoofer RCA mono.
  4. Further information: Made the mistake of getting too snug a fit.... Rookie mistake. Brand new, can ship at buyers expense. Have included picture of box with postage label for indicative cost. Internal dimensions 390 X 390 X 195mm, 5mm thick. Side cut outs for easy lift, also rear cable cut out (picture attached) Thanks for looking. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for
  5. Hello just signed up and starting on the hifi journey, looking forward to the information to be found on this site. Regards Jamie
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