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  1. Thank you to both who replied but I couldn’t help myself and went for a Musical Paradise MP-302 Mk3. Thanks for taking the time, it is appreciated.
  2. Item: Integrated Stereo Amp Price Range: $200-500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: In Adelaide. Just looking for a decent stereo amp to run my VAF DC-7s. Mostly used for listening to vinyl (I have a separate phono stage). Prefer not to pay for postage at this low price.
  3. Hi all, I’m an Adelaide resident who has signed up in the hope of finding a decent stereo amp in the classifieds. My current one lost a channel and am looking for something that can power my modest VAF DC-7s in a small room. Mostly listening to vinyl on an equally modest Denon turntable with Denon DL-110 cart running through a Schiit Mani. Looking to upgrade everything over time but right now I have no amp!
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