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  1. Couldn't reply due to work and now it looks I'll be missing out. Oh well. 😅
  2. Is the price for the whole set as shown in the photos? What are the dimensions? I’m in Perth so pickup can easily be arranged.
  3. Is the price for a stereo set of cables?
  4. Bump: price drop! I'm happy to let it go for $1800 (all inclusive). That includes the 240W TB16 dock and DA300 dongle and shipping Australia-wide. Perth pick up gets $50 discount. I can't edit the original post, though, so that will reflect the old price.
  5. I've decided to bite the bullet and sell my Dell laptop. Considerable price drop from EOI. Bought in October 2019, so just over 15 months old. Original invoice available. 13.3" Display (Full HD), super compact. Nice and thin too and very light. It's in good working condition. It's been used but never abused. Some specs: - Brand: Dell - Type: XPS13 (7390) - Year: 2019 - Operating system: Windows 10 Pro - Intel Core i7-10510U (10th gen., 8MB Cache, up to 4.9 GHz, 4 cores) - 16GB internal memory - 500GB PCIe NVMe S
  6. I'm selling my Schiit Modi 3+ (I have a new toy to play with). It's literally been used for one month. It's in mint condition. Comes with US wall wart (what it came with), original USB cable, and in original packaging. Please note that this is the Modi 3+. Colour: black. Shipping Australia-wide included in price.
  7. Selling this Audio System by Panasonic. Model: SC-HC38DB. It has built-in CD player and iPod/iPhone support (the small connector - see image). Also: Bluetooth and DAB+. It has a USB connector (female) on the top designated "iPad". Remote control included. The Sting CD is not included, unless you can make a case for it. Shipping Australia-wide considered but pick up in Perth (NOR) preferred. SC-HC38DB_Operating_Instructions.pdf
  8. I read somewhere on this forum that you shouldn't connect an amp to such a powerboard? (It seems to, and I quote, "slow the beat"?)
  9. It comes pre-installed with ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) but nothing stops you from installing your own software.
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