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  1. Last year I got a new turntable (Rega Planar P2) and started playing records again, mainly because I like the ritual. Since I had sold all the records I previously had, I had to start from scratch. I upgraded the Rega phono preamp to a Schiit Mani, which made a world of difference. A few of the new records I bought were pretty much defective from the start. Any blemish on a record and you will hear it. (I know there's a big debate of where you should source your records to get quality material, but I won't go there in this post.) Then I realised, I would spend $40-$60 o
  2. I have decided to move entirely to digital music streaming and so I'm selling my Rega Planar P2 turntable. It has the RB220 tone arm (see photos) and the original Carbon element. It was bought roughly 10 months ago from Douglas Hifi in Perth. I suggest you use a good phono preamp with it. I used a Schiit Mani with it and that sounded awesome! Original Rega power supply is, of course, included. Brushes also included (for records and for the needle). Happy to throw in the granite slab too at no additional cost, if you wish. I want this
  3. Sometimes the timing just isn't right. Otherwise it would've been a no-brainer for me... Preamp too. Oh well... Someone else will be very happy with it. GLWTS!
  4. I'm selling my secondary audio equipment. I used this fine little bookshelf speakers in my home office. They are in excellent condition and sound amazing (taking into account their modest size). Incredibly well built and in (I would say) mint condition. This is an incredible price for incredible speakers. Shipping can be arranged at agreed cost, but I prefer pick up. For specification see here: https://www.quad-hifi.co.uk/s-1/ Huh? Why on earth are the photos landscaped?
  5. I'll be downsizing in the near future. I'm selling my secondary audio gear. This Topping PA3 desktop/mini amplifier is in excellent condition. Has separate power supply (which is included). I have the original box. Shipping Australia-wide should be around $15. Some specs: Analog input: 2 * RCA (L + R) Amplifier output: banana socket, BTL output Recommended impedance load range: 4-8Ω Maximum output power: 80W * 2 (4Ω); 70W * 2 (8Ω) Typical Distortion (@ 1kHz): 0.04% Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz Input sensitivity:
  6. I'll be downsizing in the near future, so I'm simplifying my life. Selling my secondary audio gear as a result. This Topping D10s is in excellent condition. Only a few months old. I have the original packaging. Shipping Australia-wide should be around $15.
  7. Raspberry Pi 4B (with 2GB internal memory) and Ropieee (latest version) in Argon Neo enclosure (passively cooled - no fan!). Comes with pre-installed SD card (16GB) with Ropieee, in a beautiful Argon Neo enclosure (aluminium), which acts as a heat sink. No extra cooling needed, so no fan, which makes this device completely, 100% silent. Connect this endpoint to your network using an Ethernet cable (not included), connect a DAC to it using a USB cable and you're good to go. An ideal starting point for those who want to start out with ROON from scratch. No pow
  8. Beautiful looking FANLESS ROON server. Built completely without ANY moving parts (again: NO fans) from brand new components, which means it is absolutely, completely, 100% silent. The gorgeous housing is basically one big heat sink for the processor. I'll be moving house quite soon and I don't want to take it with me. Hence this great price! Identical to the Roon Nucleus server w.r.t its internal components and software, but with better specs and for a much friendlier price! All you need is a Roon subscription and a DAC to play music. Quite the bargain for serious music
  9. I no longer need my iFi iPower ultra low-noise power supply. I have the original box. It served me well with my Raspberry Pi 4B (also for sale - ad will go up shortly). Shipping Australia-wide +$10.
  10. AudioQuest Big Sur RCA-RCA interconnect. Hardly used and in mint condition. Shipping Australia-wide possible (around $12).
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