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  1. Ah yes, I forgot you also had the KT88 stock and weren't a fan, and replaced with the same type of power tubes (6CA7) that @echorec had suggested. Seems like the right thing to do! From other places I've read, you may have more fun playing with more power tube options compared to the apparent minor ROI on rolling 6SN7 tubes. Although I cannot speak from personal experience. I've not changed mine. I assume you're talking reissue Tesla and not NOS ones? On that mission, I'd probably get the reissue Tesla, thinking this will be good enough for now, enjoy the diffe
  2. Thanks for the suggestions here and pointing out that buying more KT88 may not give me the boom I'm looking for. Great tip on more EL34. I've not heard others yet to see how much better they can get. But what's a couple hundred more bucks at this stage?! I'll look into this. You've helped me not waste money with that advice. So I'm sending the money to you! Cheque's in the mail 😉
  3. Like a giant "💗 " Great account here of your findings on your MELZ vs TS Fats. My Tung Sol NOS (6SL7 not 6C8G) sound much nicer than my NOS Brimar CV1985 to me. However, the difference between these 2 pre tubes sound is much smaller than the differences between the 2 sets of power tubes I have. I currently have a quad of EL34 reissue Mullards and the stock Willsenton KT88s that it came with. The EL34s sound lovely with jazz, classical, folk, etc. But are gutless (lack of punch, no oomph) with rock. If I want to listen to a bit of gru
  4. Black or silver? I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one that had them unmarked and pre-installed now? "Oh this Canadian guy sounds like a really dummy, give him one of the easy pre-installed units, or we'll never hear the end of it!" 😂 Did he say they were off bias, or was he talking about them being badly matched quads?
  5. Great pics! It makes sense that the previously biased power tubes are marked, if that's the positions they were biased in, to go back in the same positions. Since bias adjusting might be considered scary! And since the same sockets are used for 6SN7 and 6SL7, as @muon* points out, to make it more idiot proof. But... If you're buying a tube amp, then you'll need to know sooner or later anyway! But I suppose it keeps the manufacturer from being responsible from the end user. However.... I have the silver model, and it was packed with the tubes pre-installed, and the bia
  6. Could be! But, I don't think there's egg on anyone's face! If the quality improves, you'll still know you paid substantially less than what they'll be asking for an improved one! 👍
  7. Looking good! It's interesting how the factory is putting the socket number stickers on the bases of the tubes now too. But why? 😁 It's funny how the factory keeps changing their methods of packing. My tubes came fully installed with a giant block of PVC foam over the whole thing to protect in shipping. (There's pics around page "no idea - but back a way!" that shows it!) Others, who ordered lately, had them shipped with the tubes not installed, but wrapped in flat foam. Perhaps you too? I supposed they had less breakage? Who knows. But I suppose since t
  8. Oh no, really? After all these years and you don't know about the golden pyramids? I thought everyone knew about those. The most proven, scientific bit of audio kit for sound improvement I can think of to be fair. (Probably) 🤪
  9. A NOS set of these tubes will sell for around $300 - $400 USD (€250 - €350) for a matched quad. If they are as they say, great deal! Snap them up!
  10. Awesome Zed! Terrific response. You always take the time to craft out a well thought response, and I sincerely thank you! Top drawer mate! You are totally right of course though. Nothing you've said should be a surprise. I suppose I was looking for validity to spending more money! In this game it's so easily done! To be honest, the offer I have for me on the Supernait 3 is quite a good one. I might snag it and see, with the hope that if it's not quite right, I can sell it again to close to what I paid. 🙂
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. I was thinking of Supernait 3 due to their partnership with my speakers. Focal Kanta 2. I plan to get the best out of these speakers, and hear the match is perfect. However, I'm wondering, for the money how much better I'd be talking, compared to the R8
  12. Evidently so nice, that they need to be chained down! 😁 PS, would love to hear your opinion on my solid state / tube amp comparison question. Especially as you've got a lot of solid state experience! 😊 I "think" I'm about to buy a new solid state amp, and want to make sure I'm going up the food chain with a reasonable amount of improvement over the R8. I'm looking to go from a Cambridge CXA81 ($1300 USD) and am tempted with a Naim Supernait 3. I know it's a decent upgrade there, but I'm a bit concerned that I might be a bit disappointed with the diff
  13. On a side, what are R8 owners thoughts on the R8 sound quality comparison to other tube amps or solid-state amps for more money? In your opinion, what is the closest sounding tube amp to the R8 for more money, and the same for a solid state amp of similar sound quality? Since this is my first tube amp, I'm not sure, but I'm hearing perhaps Prima Luna EVO 300 is somewhat equivalent sounding ($3900 USD) although I've not heard it personally. For solid state, It's not until I get to maybe a Rega Elicit-R ($3000 USD) that I start notice improvement and cont
  14. Clearly cannot go wrong with either! 👌🏻
  15. The set I bought was equivalent of $225 AUD delivered. Happy camper right here! NOS EL34 next. I have Mullard reissue now. I can't imagine this amp sounding any better. Until it does. 😀
  16. Round plate! I rolled my NOS Brimars to put these NOS Tung Sol in. The Brimars are so much better sounding than the stock Willsenton. These new ones have had about a 12 hour ride so far. Truly amazing! And an improvement over the Brimars. More velvety than ever. Extended bass, beautifully smooth mids and crisp highs, without harshness! Dominique Fils-Aime "Birds" has just sent a shiver down my spine. The attack and decay in and out of the complete blackness of this track is outstanding. Thanks for the buy recommendation @xl
  17. They appear to have appeared (coincidentally!) 🤣 These have the ART branding from Tung Sol. Rectangular top mica and dark brown base. No reason to suspect they're not what they say on the tin. But would be nice if a resident expert could validate. They were bought as NOS, but I'm not sure if there's any real way to tell if they've got hours on them. They're a bit grubby, suggesting they're older than me. But they didn't show up in a carton, which is a little disappointing. Just bubble wrapped. So no real idea of date, except they're said to be ar
  18. Thanks @xlr8orfor the tip off! You know your tubes. I trust your input! Of course I'll report back in a couple of months, how good they sound 😁 But why these brown bases and not the black ones? https://www.ebay.com/itm/284053057016
  19. They appear to have disappeared! 🤷‍♂️ 🤣🤣
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