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  1. Good suggestions, I can see your logic! Asking Focal on what they think, is a great idea! I'll do that! I'd also read that piece on the McIntosh and also experienced slightly less on the bottom end vs an SS amp, and expected as such, but not the highs I'm finding. If I get a valid response from them, I'll follow-up.
  2. This eases my concerns and supports my findings. However, it doesn't explain the sound difference being so big compared to solid state amps. https://www.stereophile.com/content/focal-kanta-no2-loudspeaker-measurements "Focal specifies the nominal impedance as 8 ohms. The impedance does stay above 8 ohms through the treble, and above 6 ohms in the low- and midbass regions. However, the Kanta No.2's impedance drops below 4 ohms between 80 and 180Hz, with a minimum magnitude of 2.97 ohms at 105Hz (fig.1). In addition, the electrical phase angle has an extremely high value
  3. Yeah I'll rustle something up. But might need some time though.
  4. I had tried my Brimar CV1985 NOS (6SL7GT) because of the shrill highs I was getting with the stock Willsenton with the 8 ohm taps, with similar results. Now I've addressed that issue, I'll be more focused on having a proper listen. Will eventually try out the EL34 I have too. Mullard reissues. But enjoying where I'm at now for the moment! Keep us posted on your new tubes!
  5. Thought I'd try the 4 ohm taps and I'm glad I did. My speakers (91db nominal 8 ohms, that dip to 2.9) I don't like to use tone controls, but with the 8 ohm taps I had to take treble all the way down as far as possible on my Bluesound Node, to avoid awful brightness and fatiguing shine. Even then, the highs were far too shrill and metallic. Especially when you push up the volume. These speakers never sounded this shiny with any SS 8 ohm amp. However, using the 4ohm taps on the R8 takes all that shine off, I can leave the tone controls where th
  6. Interesting how your tubes were individually wrapped. Mine were all installed and a block of EVA foam placed over the whole thing. Also stock tubes with KT88s.
  7. Early setup pics are required! Was thinking about those who had issues about the gas-off for the paint. Having the silver version doesn't have as much paint obviously and I can't smell it all now at all. I wonder if most the comments are from owners of black units? What pretubes did you get with yours? I did the regular Willsenton ones. With my Focal Kanta with beryllium tweeters, the treble is fatiguing and quite bright. I'm caught in the middle of being patient (only about 30 hours of music so far) or rolling to my pretubes to my Brimar NOS now. Lov
  8. Wow, what a contrast running it 24/7! 👌 In other words you could be hit by a bus tomorrow no matter what you choose!
  9. Got home... House still here. No flames, no sparks. 😆 Was a bit concerned about some of the comments, so will reduce my unattended burn in time going forwards! However, having left it all night last night and all day today, it seems so far that the buzzing has dissipated 😁 Pretty happy camper over here!
  10. For sure they want to cover themselves. However, in the end, although there's nothing potentially unsafe with how it operates, it does not have electrical certification listings anywhere. This is no different from a lot of the crap on Amazon, that's not electrically certified either. The risk is all yours!
  11. I guess I'll report back then when I get home... Left it on all night last night. Checked the bias this morning before going to work just to see if anything changed. Still fine. Left it on today too. We'll see when I get home if I'm facing a molten mess 😳
  12. Definitely a bigger issue for someone in Oz or UK pumping 240v into a maximum 120v input. At worst for me the under voltage would make it not work, as opposed to melt... 🤣 Will do!
  13. Scroll back to the pics I posted before my final set up. With echorec's direction, you'll see that by flipping it and taking off the bottom panel you'll see the red voltage selection switch I can hear it from 4ft away slightly, when nothing's playing. But I'll fiddle more tonight. I'm not worried at this point. 🙂
  14. Wha? The salt? Eh? Why would it be salty? 😲
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