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  1. I forgot to mention the music will be streamed from my Spotify on my mobile via Bluetooth to the receiver. Not sure if that impacts quality and if so I dont know how else I would overcome that.
  2. Thank you again so much for the lengthy response. I will try to digest this and do some testing on the weekend. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Thank you vmuch for the response. Rather using all the speakers I could drop the front left and right and simply replace using the KEF so maybe that will lighten the load (ie. 5.1)? And i presume the watt only matters if I really crank up the sound? Given the kef are better front speakers is it possible to switch to only those two speakers when I play music? ( or does it make more sense to have all the surround sound turned on including the sub?) I may explore getting a centre later down the track. I got no clue about this line level out but assuming
  4. Hi all look forward to this forum cheers.
  5. Hi all, Need some help here as I'm really new to this and I want to know whether I need an amp for my entertainment. Currently I have Onkyo tx sr444 (receiver) Klipsh quintet 5.1 speakers - specs below https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/Quintet_(V)_-_Spec_Sheet_635114001071340000.pdf Klipsch sub R-10sw 10" KEF q350 bookshelf speakers. I want to plug everything into my TV, Apple TV box, ps4 and etc. I also want to stream music and use my speakers to its full potential.
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