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  1. Today, i play with the bias. There is a zone that i cannot set under or beyond the zone. I notice that that when i set the level a bit to the left instead of middle, the treble is not harsh or sibilance in the vocal. It sounds smooth and right to me. I don't know if the left is hot or cold in the bias but it is within the zone. Didn't expect the bias also have a effect on the sound. With this bias setting, i feel 6550 is good for me. I intend to buy the GE 6550A power tube from a seller which i read that it is discontinue. Many reviews raves about it. I don't want to miss the oppo
  2. Today, i bought the Tung sol 6sl7gt Black glass NOS and Raytheon JAN CRP 6sn7gt VT231. The vocal is very clear and i don't hear the vocal sounds too warm or bloated. It does sound more accurate. But now, some music with vocal sounds too sterile. Maybe it is the recording is not good so it is able to hear it. Will the new tube i bought today will still change the sound signature when further burn-in? Now, it seems i like the 6550 as i think if i use KT88, it might be even too sterile. Might even consider EL34. But i think i will stick with 6550. Might conside
  3. Hi Muon, Maybe around 15 hrs only. You are right, I am not patient enough. I always eager to optimise or tune to my liking. Keep thinking stock tubes not good enough to hear the capability of the amplifier. How do people usually tube rolling? Start from input/driver tube or power tube?
  4. I am thinking of trying out the KT88 power tube rolling first then input or driver tube. Currently, although my amplifier is still new and not burn-in but i can hear that i like the vocal and the warm sound of the 6550 but the clarity or some vocalist like Diana Krell doesn't sound right. It is not a accurate assessment for the amplifier is still new. So far, i quite like 6550. My logic is that i don't know how KT88 sounds on my amp. If it is better than 6550 then i will try to look for 6sl7 and 6sn7 that pairs well with the power tube that i like. Will th
  5. Thanks so much for the reply! Really a very friendly and helpful forum that which I am so glad to join in. After playing it for a few hours, it starts to open up and i quite like the stock 6550 and the stock input tubes. Thought of tube rolling but now i don't where to start. Thinking of trying KT88 tube or should i just upgrade the 6550 tube. Or should i just upgrade the input or driver tube. I don't know which is input tube? 6SL7 or 6SN7. 1st time having tube amplifier so there are many things for me to explore. I seem to like this amplifier
  6. Hi! Everyone, I just bought a new tube amplifier, Cayin A88t mk2 limited edition 6550. I would like to ask for suggestions on tube rolling. 1) Would power tube rolling has more effect then driver tube? 2) My amplifier has 6550 as stock power tube. Would it be better to upgrade to kt88 tube? What will be the difference between 6550 vs kt88? 3) what is the recommended tube for the driver tube rolling? 4) which power tube rolling is recommended? This is my 1st post here. Thanks so much for the reading the post and advice!
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