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  1. Good suggestion. It's only (and apologies, I should've mentioned this) the headphone amp I'm thinking of getting is optimised and best used with an for XLR input (Burson Soloist 3x) out of the box. So naturally, I would be best off going full XLR-to-XLR headamp to dac. Same with my Muzishare but in favour of the RCA-only amp approach common in tube amps. Just something I thought up just in this situation. Maybe I'l keep one of them unplugged at the amp end, as no current should short out in the unused cable, right? As a result, the circuits would be incomplete, open and not transporting a
  2. So I have a Denafrips Ares II and have gotten to the point in the project where I'm about to start investing in cables and a better headphone amp. Currently, I use the RCA output for the Ares II and un-plug/re-plug the output end of the RCA cable into either the headphone amp or the speaker amp. I currently have a fairly inexpensive cable that's a little better than stock. However, I'm hoping to use the XLR output of the Ares II for the headphone amp and the RCA output for the speaker amp. I've been advised that, in most scenarios, you can't really have both RCA and XLR
  3. NOTE: I don't really view the following as a product review, but more of an appreciation and gratitude of hi-fi in general. I decided to think if flipping my idea of "reference" quality headphones and gear would be a good idea. So instead of having something that is truly industry and high-end, I decided to declare my personal "reference" my everyday work/gaming headset: The Roccat Khan AIMO gaming headset. About $160 AUD. Plugged it into my laptop, so there must be a DAC in the headset. The left (master) side gets warm. I also tested my Logitech Z337s, which were about $149
  4. It's Soulection Radio's 10th birthday so I'm celebrating by listening to their latest mixtape: Soulection Radio Show #488 by SOULECTION | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  5. This is actually quite interesting. Really would like to see a bit of targeting to 18-35 year olds from retailers and brands. I know a pretty younger-skewing Aussie latte + milk brand “Minor Figures” are holding a competition to win a Planar 6 and a pair of Klipsch’s. Would be great to see some brand collaborations and sponsorships with younger Aussie artist/producer types as well and really get some fresh faces into the growing hi-fi community.
  6. I just want to know what the demographic looks like on Stereo.NET. Or even Hi-Fi forums and communities in general. Not to cause any offence, or to bring in some sense of ageism. Also no, this is not a space to solicit anything. I myself am 25 (turning 26 in a couple weeks), but it seems like this hobby tends to skew towards 35+ in general. I do find understanding the age demo of communities to be interesting as my dayjob is working on big brands in the digital space (again, not soliciting services here).
  7. Cheers mate. Now reaching hour 31 with this device (according to some people, the Ares II does have an initial 48 hour burn-in period). The soundscape size has stopped expanding at hour 24. However, instead we get this airy sheen to reverberations that were once missing on the Mimby. This is especially noticeable in King Krule's Easy Easy and Borderline. One thing I wonder, does putting the Ares II on standby keep certain components running? Especially those that required the burn-in? Noticed R2R DACs in general will have to warm somewhat when switching back on after a period of co
  8. I had recently posted a question on this forum about upgrading my DAC to a Chord Qutest. Got a few great directions going, such as the Gieseler Kompakt, and the RME ADI-2. However, I went with the Denafrips (shout out to Stav TheDacMan in Melbourne for this). Thanks everyone for posting and your ideas! This review is long and lengthy, but is pretty much the notes in verbatim that I made last night. I'm not really great with my "audiophile terminology" so the below is based on my reference points. 11:13PM (7 hours of ownership and having it switched on) - I listened to t
  9. Hey mate, Sounds great! Looking at some of the comparisons, we've even got some people comparing the Gross to the Mola Mola DACs as slightly behind. And that's a compliment considering Mola Mola DACs are very up there in pricing. Some even preferring the Kompakt over the Gross. Keen to try this out + the price point of the Kompakt is so much better compared to the Qutest. Thanks so much!
  10. Hey there! I was hoping to upgrade my DAC next year but was wondering, if at such different price points, is it even worth it? To preface this post, I understand that there's no better way to test than to demo but considering my schedule it's pretty unlikely + the fact that I can't simply rent a Qutest to test within my system so I'd have to stick with the store's components. I also have searched far and wide for comparisons as well, but nothing really worth popping up (happy to be redirected to some great posts though!) However, I wanted to draw on all your
  11. Hey all! Long-time lurker, first time poster here. Quick intro - 20-something dude from Sydney who decided one-day to turn my bedroom into a little listening room. Started with a DAC and a tube headphone amp with a pair of LCD-2C's, now I've got a project to build a full-fledged 2-channel system with Roon RPi streaming, Turntable and CD player as sources deadlined to end in March. I don't like talking about gear too much though, and not a measurement "ASR" head. I just love making music sound how I like it. My experience is my reference.
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