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  1. Managed to get the tubes. Bought Slovak ones for cheap as prefer to hunt for the real replacement online. I replaced both 12AU7 and the 12AX7. The issue is solved and the amp sounds now properly as well the meters. Really happy. Now will let the system burn in - this will take a few weeks.
  2. I don't know in all honesty. This is all new to me. The seller told me not to use the amp until he sends me the replacement tube. He says that I can only replace the faulty one. I am looking right now to see if I can get my hands on a pair of 12AU7 tubes.
  3. Based on that the seller tells me it is the 12AU7 tube that is faulty, and he is sending me a new one. Isn't it better to replace both 12AU7 tubes? And one more question - I have a passive LDR pre amp in the house. I connected it and used the pre-in mode of the X7 - still the same issue...
  4. In the meantime I have been in touch with the seller shop. At his request I swapped now the 12AU7 tubes and indeed it is now the right-hand side meter and speaker that show the same issue. Below two pictures while the same song plays (Chasing Pavements of Adele - one of my favourite "test tracks" 🙂 )
  5. Again I am not an expert so going for this kind of fix is a bit annoying. The seller needs to swap the amp with no questions unless he can find a way to have the issue fixed without doing this. I prefer to spend the extra cash on rolling tubes rather than fixing a bias issue 🙂
  6. Let’s see when the store comes back to me. I am inclined to return it if possible. I still have my previous amp.
  7. I probably forgot to mention the fact that the speaker matching the “higher” meter is playing louder. And I swapped the wiring to make sure I am not imagining. I will test with a second amp I have tomorrow.
  8. let me take some photos and post. I tried multiple things. Swapped the pairs, changed speakers (my usual speakers are 4 ohm but I have a second pair which is 8 ohm). Same issue. I wrote the store. I suspect a faulty unit.
  9. hi, thx. I adjusted the bias to 40 mA plus switched speaker cable. No change. Needless to say I try two different sources with different connector cables.
  10. Got my X7 yesterday. Just trying it out all default as this stuff is new to me. One strange thing, the left channel meter is showing much higher values than the right hand one. Is there anything faulty? How can I troubleshoot this?
  11. Well pulled the trigger on the X7. It's the last unit available for delivery from Belgium and as I hear of significant delays in amp deliveries from China, decided to pull the trigger. A lot of money spent the past days so will have to sell out some items but well yet again Easter holidays with no travel due to Covid so might as well have some fun 🙂
  12. Hi, I am seriously considering the X7 as my next amp as I plan to move my current amp into a second setup. A few questions: - I am still debating between the X7 and the R8. I can get the Muzishare delivered from Europe for 1200 EUR, while the R8 is much cheaper ordered in China Audio (770 EUR), but with import tax will cost probably about 1000 EUR. X7 has a phono stage which is interesting as I plan to re-introduce a turntable into my stereo setupsoon. Anyone tried the phono on the X7? Also more comments on how the R8 and X7 compare are welcome. - I am now firmly into TDA154
  13. I got my hands on a totally revamped Arcam Delta box that has gone through a complete recap, new input board, bypass of the oversampling with a NOS board and a new tube output. I will post some impressions when I get some listening done. One thing I wanted to do is to replace the DAC chip (as part of the revamping the DAC Chip is now mounted and not soldered). I got my hands on a 1998 NL TDA1541A which is supposedly as good as the older S1s. I am hoping it is indeed the case! One question for those who swapped the chip - how do I remove the chip once mounted. I could not cli
  14. Not in the subject line but want to add the TDA1387. I recently got a Teradak TDA1387 dac HAT for my Raspberry Pi and I was quite amazed of the quality I got by simply putting it on top of a Pi 4 and powering the Pi with a half decent power supply. @MattiW, you recommended at least a couple of TDA1387 DACs here as well as elsewhere. Can you provide the references as well as your updated feedback? I am interested in getting one of those with potentially doing some improvements, until I save the funds for my target TDA1541 DAC. EDIT: Apologies. I already asked the question an
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