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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Will hold for now then. Speaking of TDA1541a, you had the Muji and upgraded to the Abbas. Have you heard the MHDT Orchid which is in the middle between these two price wise?
  2. Hi, as I have no funds to buy my desired TDA1541 tube DAC, I would like to try one of these TDA1387. Is there a similar quality DAC that already has an integrated LPS? I currently do not have an available quality power supply....
  3. I finally bought a Marantz CD-85 made in Belgium. Love the sound! I will be looking to make refreshes and upgrades at some moment but for now am enjoying again playing CDs!
  4. Hi, I had indeed a thread specifique to TDA1541 players but as this one is more generic, I am posting here instead. I was looking at modified TDA1541s, but at the moment there's nothing specific I am able to get fixed on, plus there's a risk with buying from the UK (due to Brexit there's a lot of confusion and people get charged extra taxes for buying in the UK despite the agreements made). Have decided for now to buy a non-modified player and star there. Yesterday I bumped into a Rotel RCD971 with the BB PCM63 DAC. According to accounts I read, this is also one of the legen
  5. Thanks for this. Have to admit it did not occur to me to type lampizator in hifishark (I typed Tube). The German one looks interesting. I do however have a potential opportunity in Belgium which i am waiting for more info on.
  6. I have been looking at these TDA1541 DACs but they are not cheap and hard to get around here. I don't even know where I can buy the Abbas Audio DAC, but I did look at the MHDT Orchid and the Audial S4. These are amounts that are beyond budget right now - but I will be looking to get a better DAC later this year. I was hoping to use this opportunity to get a taste of the TDA1541 sound - rather on the cheaper side of things 🙂 There's a CD-85 for sale in the UK for a pretty decent price (400 EUR shipped), but the front panel to the CD drive is missing, and I am not sure how cheap/fea
  7. I kind of discarded the CD-85 as it is higher than I was willing to spend at this stage. I don't think the seller will reduce his price. I am quite tempted by the Arcam since some refresh has been done plus the socketing of the DAC and the S1. It is true though the 337 has much better opinion on the net. Since this is my first CD player in my new setup, I am more inclined to spend less for starters and than upgrade. The TDA1541 players have a solid resell value, so I can always upgrade in the future.
  8. At the moment It is impossible to find a fully "lampizated" player. I am right now more focused on getting a decent state player and look for a professional to do the modding. I have several options. Going from cheap to expensive - An Arcam Alpha 5 - The player has gone some refresh work including socketing of the DAC - but not a full recap - for 150 EUR. The owner proposes an option to replace the TDA1541A with an S1 for an extra 120 EUR. - A Sony CDP-337ESD - in good shape but no specific work done - 300 EUR - A Marantz CD-85. Fully recapped, NOS, OPAMP upgraded. Thi
  9. Thanks for this short master class 🙂 Will do some reading and see what I can come by. I think the best is the hunt for an already modded and recapped player and pay more (and hopefully be trouble free)...
  10. Hi, after finally getting to the place I wanted with my Audio PC, I am looking to get a CD player. With almost 700 CDs, I have been listening exclusively to digital files (own + streaming) and I want a CD player to complement this. I am pretty much locked into getting a TDA1541 player (they are easy to find in Europe especially in the Benelux where I live). After researching the second hand market for some days, I can see quite a few models that can be had between 100 and 300 EUR. After that there's a big jump to a selected list of players which are impossible to find and when they are on sale
  11. Interesting stuff. This is outside the scope of the original post, but I have been putting some thinking around it. Last night I also did some testing. The below is not empirical and solely based on my own hearing. Also (and VERY IMPORTANT) last night's little test was not blind. The starting point is that the XR+ DAC sounded better to my ears than the Topping D90 even when playing hi res music. While the D90 kept the original bit rate (and I even upsampled in Roon to DSD 256), the little DAC sounded as detailed (and in worse case a tad less detailed) yet more open, spacious and 3D then
  12. Quick update on the little XR+ DAC. After ABing it with my Topping D90 for three straight evenings, I’m sold on it. Love the sound and for this price I can sell my Topping and fund a good part of the combined purchase. It’s that good.
  13. complex thing. I do have DSD versions of albums that sound better than any PCM versions I could get my hand on. I am a bit on the fence on this one. Having said that the DAC XR played them very nicely downsampled and I could not hear almost any difference with the Topping playing them natively. That said my 52 years old ears did lose sharpness - especially on the higher frequencies.
  14. I am also debating on the more expensive LDR Pre (SE) variant which has a much nicer black box and a as slightly better power supply. Neb tells me that he doesn’t think you get a big difference in sound but I like the nicer box and bigger screen. As to the DAC I read today your posts on the TDA1540 DAC and the Abbas Audio. Dunno. Too much cash to spend at once......
  15. it’s Sunday evening here in Belgium. I am reviewing the loaner right now. For this price this is a killer. Both the XR and my Topping D90 are connected to the LDR. I am struggling to separate them. The XR DAC has a mini USB port (and not Micro USB) which is annoying. For now I am using a cheap USB cable to connect it to my JCAT USB 1.1 card on my source audio PC (Good thing the JCAT has two USB ports so I can AB with the Topping connected on the second port). The same connection also powers the DAC. The USB mini interface is limited to 16/48 so Roon is downsampling a lot of the files (I play a
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