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  1. Well found Eggmeister, but at the same time, this highlights the problem. It is just another of the relatively standard reviews, full of undefined waffle. There are a ton a of speaker reviews like this one. Good for general insight, but useless in every other respect. These reviews are a bit like watching various race cars go round a track, and you just use a stopwatch, and general obverservation as to which car might be better. Clearly in an era of TECHNOLOGY, that would be considered an utter farce. How many teams members do you think are sitting at computers w
  2. Hi Buddyev There are no measurements for this speaker, and almsot no other speaker at high level, that I am aware of, by the equipment and software that I referenced. I think this testing software is relatively new, and somewhat complex. I gave you the website where I found a single person applying it randomly to equipment sent to them (see below). I think there were one or two high level speakers tested, but cetainly not the Legacy Focus SE. Someone would have to buy them, then send them to this person for testing. I would love to see what it produced. Of course we can do a cheap versi
  3. @Pim One of the factors that makes these speakers a good 'safe' buy, is that they have been around for a very long time. They have a history. They are extremely well developed. Lots of time to iron out any kinks so to speak. So the risk of buying a dud is basically zero. If they were junk or below par, they would have ceased production a long time ago, due to lack of sales. The builder is extremely well regarded in the industry. I think for the buyer, it is more about whether the sound is something that appeals to them, and does it visually appeal and fit into their particu
  4. Hello Everyone. For all those people who are interested in buying, I have just found these 2 YouTube videos, where a Legacy Focus SE owner has uploaded 2 songs being played through his speakers. It is suggested you listen through a good set of headphones to get a better sense. And if you happen to have an external DAC/AMP connected to your PC, then all the better to get a more accurate listen. The songs aren't really my kind of thing, but they have their moments in terms of getting a sense of the sound. I'm more a TENET soundtrack kind of guy 4x12" woof
  5. @Luc Purchased April 2014. Original owner. The badge on the back of the speakers only contains the serial number, not date of build. But it would be very close to 2014 since these speakers are the 2nd latest iteration to my understanding. With the latest update having very minor changes to the ribbon tweeter. You can see it by comparing my photo to the ones on their website.
  6. Just to help give people some sense of the value you are getting with these speakers, I would ask you this question. Let's say you have a choice of say 2 speakers. One is older, sells for slightly more, has just 2 drivers, the larger of which is tiny, and has a Sensitivity 9dB lower, which is like comparing a Corrolla to an F1 car, OR The 'cheaper' speaker, has the highest sensitivity one can buy in a non-horn speaker of 95dB, has 5 different drivers to more effectively cover the frequency ranges and reduce 'holes', including 2x12" woofers, and would no doub
  7. Thanks. The finish is impeccable. Like no cheap obvious join points on any of the angled edges.
  8. Only a few years old, but in AS NEW condition. A ridiculous bargain at this price, relatively speaking 😃 OVER 40% less than replacement cost. If you have the budget for these speakers, then I very much doubt you will find anything better, either in build quality, design, nor sound at this price. There are tons of reviews online. Full details here: https://www.legacyaudio.com/products/view/focus-se/ And happy to donate 1% of the sale price to Stereo.net for providing the faciltieis to enable the sale. Serious bidders only please.
  9. I fear we will only have our music to listen to in future. I've spent many years building it and keeping it organised. Although is it now all for nought with streaming? Enabling us to explore music we would never have contemplated before? Currently enjoying the TENET soundtrack. Inception on drugs Ayrton
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