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  1. The phono stage on the X7 is seriously lacking. Someone else pointed it out so I tested it against the IOTAVX SA3 and he was right, the latter is miles better. I released a video with my thoughts on the X7: The next one will compare the phono stages, hope to release it soon
  2. Using the Iotavx sa3 as a pre. Better remote, tone controls, and better phono stage. Plus I can power my speakers sans-tube amp with just the sa3 for tv watching with the use of a speaker switcher.
  3. True! It's a never ending journey it seems, not really in a bad way. Pardon the dust but currently breaking in the Gold Lions: I dig the look of the Gold Lions branding On the stock Muzishare KT88 tubes, I don't think they're exactly JJ's. Notice the JJ's have round circles in their plates while the Muzi's do not. More clearance after the bottom spacers too, though spacer sizes are similar. The Gold Lions definitely have beefier internals: Another note is the stock Muzishare 12au7's seem a bit cheaply made. Not
  4. I did the same as you and settled on the X7 over the Willsenton based on the comments from others above, and it's slimmer profile depth-wise as this is going on a TV stand. The X7 is on Amazon in the US with an easier return policy, plus you get 5% back if you use their CC so I went that route. I love the amp but ended up purchasing some KT88 Gold Lions, a Mullard 12ax7, and had some previous 12au7 NOS Sylvanias around. Waiting for the rest of the tubes to arrive as I'm not completely satisfied with the stock tubes, but still happy overall. Of course as soon as we get o
  5. Thanks a ton for your impressions. A month later, which do you prefer?
  6. Hi there. Found this forum via Google while hunting for my next tube amp. Thanks and looking forward to being a part of the community.
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