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  1. TonTrager German made racks, 3 level, excellent condition, RRP 6900 AUD https://www.tontraeger-audio.com/lang/en/
  2. Further information: 
 Used a few hours for a demo

Retail price 619 EUR - 1050 AUD

Warranty 12 months
 SUPER STAR lifetime account activated 
 Volumio – Primo Hi-Fi Edition The Special Volumio Primo Edition for the discerning audiophile. It includes: • MyVolumio Superstar Lifetime Plan (value €199). • Dedicated e-mail support from Volumio Team. https://volumio.org/product/volumio-primo/ - Uncompromised Bit-Perfect Audio Playback - Hi Quality Audio Output powered by ESS ES9038Q2M DAC - USB Audio Output up to
  3. Further information: Finish: Walnut 
 No boxes! 
 Only local pick up 
 SYSTEM 3 way floorstanding, paralaminar stealth flow vented loudspeaker LOUDSPEAKERS Tw: 29XTR2 DAD Arrow Point, Ø 29 mm
Md: M15XTR, Ø 150 mm
W: 2 x W18XTR, Ø 180 mm CROSSOVER 250Hz - 2.500Hz FREQUENCY RESPONSE 35 Hz – 30.000 Hz, tuning port included SENSITIVITY 90 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m) NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4 ohm SUGGESTED AMPLIFIER POWER OUTPUT 50W – 300W, without clipping DIMENSIONS (HXWXD) 1114 x 403 x 508 mm
43.8 x 15.8 x 20 in WEIGHT 36 Kg ea – n
  4. Just started, and I will add Sonus faber of my friend. Alex
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