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  1. Thank you. I shall do so if this doesn’t work out.
  2. Agreed. I believe that any AB testing is best carried out over a long period of time. So If I’m not happy in a months time, I will look to try something else. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your time, and for the valuable info.
  4. Hello, Thank you for your time. I am indeed, and have managed to audition a used Music Fidelity LX2-LPS, which I think might be just the ticket! I am looking to try others prior to making a firm decision if I can, but I’m tempted (as I’m happy) to stick.
  5. Update: The journey ended with a Music Fidelity LX2-LPS.
  6. Hello, If anyone would like to spare a few moments. I’m in need of recommendations for a suitable phono amplifier for my first setup. The only model on my radar at present is the Mani from Schiit. Would this serve my setup well or be under-cooking it? Looking forward to your replies... (if anyone can spare the time!) • Sonique 5.5 SE (Canare 4S11 - Furutech FT-212s (not bi-wired or bi-amped)) • Cambridge Audio 650a • Sony PS-HX 500 (currently using the Sony’s built in phono stage into the Mp3 in on the 650a)
  7. I have now started research into a suitable and optimal phono-amplifier (stage) for my setup, and hope to find something south of the £500.00 mark. Once this has been found I shall begin acoustics, both treatment and placement. If anyone has phone stage recommendations, I’d very much appreciate them. The journey begins...
  8. I thought I’d get a dedicated one once I’d gained some knowledge (and advice) on what might be suitable given the quality of the speakers and amp. If you have any thought, do let me know. Thanks again.
  9. Ok, fair enough. Reading between the lines it seems like the Sony PS-HX500 turntable and Goldring 2100 cart & stylus sadly might not be up to par with the speakers and amp. Is this correct? If so, I should probably start looking for alternatives. Once I have set up the turntable correctly and auditioned thoroughly I may look at replacing them. Thank you for the advice.
  10. Thank you all for your help thus far... So, given that the above is indeed in place and the speakers and amp have nothing that would require servicing, would it be worth upgrading any part of either? I did find a post here at SNA from @Alanpartridge (the name being no coincidence, I’m sure), reading as follows... “I have also upgraded the crossovers in these speakers, replacing the standard Solen capacitors with the much better Mundorf MCap capacitors. The tweeters have been upgraded also to electrically equivalent but sonically much better SEAS Prestige 27T
  11. That’s great to hear. Thank you for your time. In my initial surface test, I made sure everything was operational, testing all inputs and outputs were functional and that the speakers emitted sound across the spectrum. That’s when I may have discovered the L/R inconsistency, but this could well be my initial room placement.
  12. Thank you for the advice, I shall take that onboard and perhaps have the bias and DC offset looked at simply for peace of mind.
  13. Yes, as was I. After reading into the design and designer they seem to be quite sought after.
  14. If like me you have just acquired a 20yr old pair of loud speakers and a 10yr old amplifier. What should you do to service them and for me specifically, what might you look to replace/upgrade? Caps?, tweeters? I very much appreciate your time if you have it available, and welcome your thoughts and suggestions on what I should perhaps do to ensure that my new equipment is functioning correctly, and perhaps then suggest a suitable phono stage to replace the built-in one in the Sony. So, here goes, here’s my new (old) modest gear... • Sonique 5.5 SE (Canar
  15. Hello, After acquiring a pair of Sonique 5.5 SE’s and a Cambridge Audio 650a, I’m here to take my first step into home audio. I’m hoping to receive some advice on speaker/amp matching, along with servicing/possible modding of both speakers and amplifier.
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