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  1. Wow, well if any of you guys like Cocteau Twins, the AD2000's are about as good as it gets for this band - Just listened to their Treasure album with it and it was amazing. Particularly the song 'Pandora'. Have to thank a HeadFi user on the AD2000 thread for that suggestion lol. My more analytical headphones just don't hold a candle to the wonderful presentation these had for that album.
  2. Does anyone have experience with the LCD2 Fazor models (LCD2.2F) before the 2016 revision and the differences in sound?
  3. I can definitely see where you're coming from, I own the A900X as well and I believe it's more of a typical Audio Technica signature where it's very airy, is on the slightly brighter side of things and has more of an upper midrange focus which brings out the air of a vocal. The AD2000 is almost opposite to this which is really interesting. I'll have an AD900X coming through shortly which I should also be able to compare to the AD2000, but I believe the difference will be even more accentuated.
  4. My AD2000's came from Japan They're unlike anything else I've heard, and kinda hard to explain how they sound but I'll give it a crack ! I think as a baseline, the closest thing I current own sound wise to these would be the HD6xx/650's with both being midfocused and having a slight veil, as well as having a bass roll-off. I think the first thing that I noticed is the relative lack of treble, but whats there is incredibly smooth, dare I say smoother than the HD6xx/650's, I would say the treble is probably at the same level as the HD6xx/650 maybe slightly less. There is less b
  5. One thing I find pretty amusing is out of all the higher end headphones I've seen, the ones I see plenty on the used market coming up looking very well pre-loved are HE1000's - you can really tell they had plenty of head time and for good reason lol. I see this happening quite a bit with Edition X's too
  6. I feel as if HiFiMan in as a brand in general really do that well. You have the more analytical, hyper-detailed presentation of a Sennheiser HD800S, and then the more full bodied, musical, smooth and lush experience of an Audeze, then you have HiFiMan - which takes just the right amount of both of those qualities and injects them into all their headphones at different price points. For that reason, it's why HiFiMan are my favourite brand. That being said, I would love to try a HE1000 family headphone, I absolutely love my Edition X v2, and can only imagine the improvement the HE100
  7. Definitely, I picked up my A900X incredibly cheap used just by chance, and I wasn't really expecting to love them since they're a bit lower end compared to my other headphones. But they just present vocals and soundstage in a special way, let alone for a closed back. Everything is very delicate and airy, the treble is present but rarely sibilant, it has great speed too. It's a very euphonic sound in general. This pair really got me hooked onto the A/AD series Audio Technicas. I would love to hear a pair of the ADX5000 because I can imagine they're wonderful, being able to get top o
  8. Yeah, I managed to find a really nice boxed example of one on Yahoo Auctions Japan recently. I think they haven't produced the original since the AD2000X came out. From what I hear the AD2000X seems to be a lot more neutral tonally vs the AD2000, and has significantly brighter treble (some have described the AD2000 as having a slight roll off) and better bass extension. I also think someone mentioned resolution being a little better on the AD2000X. But everyone speaks really highly of the AD2000s female vocals and musicality and has a bit of a cult following. Given that I listen to
  9. Well, if there's any consolation atleast it's better than the sidegraditis I've been getting constantly hit with hahaha Talking about ATs, I'll have an original AD2000 coming from Japan very soon. I'm pretty keen to hear what they're like!
  10. They're definitely more forward for sure at the same level of pad wear, pad wear really changes how forward everything is. The difference in resolution is definitely quite small, though I would actually say given the less veiled, fresher/clearer sound of the 58x actually gave me a good impression of macro resolution in regards to tonality, where the 6xx's lushness actually holds it back slightly (I've heard people describe this in different ways, but the 6xx is warm in a way that puts a blanket on details sometimes and trades it for smoothness which isn't as apparent on the 58x). But if you li
  11. I think I've made a pretty weird discovery, I've been comparing my pair of HD58x and HD6xx over the past few days. I think when people say the 58x sounds fresher than the 6xx it's very much true. Generally, the soundstage is a little closer - which brings vocals forward, the treble has a certain quality to it that isn't quite as veiled, not so much in overall level but in the intensity and presentation of the treble, and lastly there isn't that midbass bleed into the mids which adds the sometimes murky quality that vocals have on the 6xx - the bass, midbass and mids are very much separated cle
  12. Awesome DAC and great seller, buy with confidence
  13. I've really liked the Grados I've auditioned before which were the 325e and GH3. They do something really unique where the sound is very energetic and focused, generally a more intimate soundstage all the while feeling very open. I don't have a pair of my collection currently but have definitely considered it even just for how amazing they sound for rock.
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