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  1. Thanks Niterida. I will DM, once I decide.
  2. Hello DrSk, What sort of timber did you get ?
  3. Can I know the model number? I was been thinking about Monitor Audio Bronze FX after reading some forum threads.
  4. Sorry, I guess I incorrectly called them 'rear', they are just surrounds.
  5. Thanks Niterida. How about the wiring of bipole speakers, is it 1 channel from receiver to 1 bipole speaker?
  6. Hello Niterida, Back again on same thread I am thinking of the possibility of having 2 rows ( 1 raised) and having a pair of bipole speakers for my surrounds. I was reading through forums and what I could make out is having a bipole speaker instead of monopole for surrounds wouldn't hurt even in an Atmos set up, in the rooms where the surrounds are very close to aisle listeners, which would be my case as well. Will having a bipole (from facing) in between 2 rows do the trick ?, or should i have a dipole in this scenario. (i haven't fully digested the concept of d
  7. Sadly, I have high doors and I don't have enough space to mount my bookshelf in the space between door and ceiling. And I want to have an Atmos set up, so having a surround speaker mounted that high and then having a height speaker might not work together.
  8. Thanks Niterida, I will probably stick with 1 row for now.
  9. I may not have the couch 2 & 3 immediately, but I would want to future proof and position the speakers as I would be wall mounting them.
  10. Thanks for the response. Do you mean to centre Couch 2 & 3 and raise 1 ? niterida suggested to have the couch 1/3rd of the room when there was only 1 row. Now with 2 rows - should couches on the second row be at 1/3rd of the room ?
  11. Thanks for all the details! It would help dummies like me
  12. Hi DrSK, Absolutely loved it! Would you mind sharing the complete list of items needed to build this, including the tools. ? I am very much interested in building something like this myself, but I have never tried my hand on carpentry before Thanks
  13. So, I have been thinking about the door, and now I am planning of converting the door to a Sliding one, so that it does not take up much of the space. And also planning to get couple of individual recliners and have them like a second row - something like as shown in the image. Does the placement of surround speakers make sense in this setting ?
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