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  1. Great. Always good to hear real world experience. I’ll probably go with the standard non tab tension ones then and save some cash. Thanks mate!
  2. Wondering about the Grandview. Over time, would the sides of the screen curl/warp or would it still retain the tension? I’ve seen some motorized screens with tension tabs online. But not sure how necessary that would be.
  3. I don’t have a pair of the original Epson 3D glasses to compare with, but I sourced some Samsung 3D Active glasses (SSG-5100GB) off eBay. Seems to work well with the 9400. Not the most comfortable but works in a pinch. More cost effective I would think. Took a week+ to arrive (shipped from China on 12/11 arrived 20/11)
  4. Any recommendations for a good, well priced motorized 120-130” screen to use with the Epson EH-TW9400?
  5. Ermmm let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. It’d be cold comfort snuggling up to the Epson’s hard plastic 🤪
  6. I have you to thank actually. You suggested that I take a look at the Epson 5700 and I started doing some reading on it. Some googling lead me to an expired OzBargain thread on the Epson 5600 at the Epson Clearance Centre. Even tho it was expired, I tried my luck and there’s currently a unit of the Epson 5600 with 12mths warranty going for $689.40 (it’s still available now). Scrolling further down, lo and behold was the EH-TW9400 with 36mths warranty. Did a quick read, pulled out the card, blew my budget and now thinking of what and how to inform the Home Minister 😅
  7. Ok. I made a split second decision and blew my budget 😂 While doing further research, I chanced upon an Epson EH-TW9400 in the Epson Clearance Centre which comes with 3yrs warranty at $2699. It’s about $1k more than the Benq W1700M I was eyeing but supposedly it has better specs and feature-wise and has 3yrs warranty. I quickly jumped on it hoping that no one else was in the process of clicking buy. Seems like about $1.5-2k off the RRP. Time will tell if I made a rash decision or scored a great buy.
  8. Thanks for your response. I did read about the earlier W1700 model having issues, being the first of that generation. This seems to be the follow-up model (hence W1700M, in Europe it’s W1720) which is supposed to have corrected some of the shortcomings of the initial W1700 model. This revised model never made it to US, hence why it seems to be near impossible to find any reviews on it ☹️ According to a French reviewer, the newer model seems to have notably improved contrast, better blacks, better motion, more accurate color out-of-the-box, and subjectively better HDR ima
  9. I’m new to projectors but was wanting to get one for my family room for the whole family to watch movies and occasionally do a couch play with the projector hooked up to a PC with steam. I was offered a brand new Benq W1700M with full 2yrs warranty for $1750. Wondering if this is a good deal? I can’t seem to find many reviews on the W1700M. Most reviews are of the W1700 and the W1700M never made it to the states. I understand in EU, it was referred to as the W1720. Wondering if anyone else has it and what their opinion may be like. It’ll be installed in a s
  10. Hi all. New to the forum. Looking for guidance and advice on projectors and maybe some used gear.
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