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  1. Yep, the tone arm is connected to the lid, so hard to tell what's happening. I haven't tested the ground wire, but that sounds like a good idea. Nothing happens when I wiggle the ground cable during play, but when I touch the ends of the ground cable, I can hear some disturbance. I have newish turn table (cheap one off ebay) that works perfectly fine. It has an amp built into it, will anything go wrong if I plug that into the photo input on my stereo?
  2. Good advice. I'll try that on the weekend
  3. What would you advise to move around with this setup?
  4. Yep, prob 16Hz, I can't read my EQ properly because it's up on a high shelf. If it's feedback, I wonder why the Isolation Filter didn't fix it. It worked well on my Yamaha system. Just tried taking the ground in/out (it seemed to be installed correctly) and no effect on reinstalling it. Any advice on dealing with resonance/feedback? Is it caused by the stepdown transformer potentially?
  5. There's a ground wire coming out of the the back of the turntable, I've connected that to the ground on the amp. No idea if it's working. I didn't realise it, but according to the manual, the ground wire is removable to the turntable (i thought it was inbuilt). I'll try plugging it in/out tonight and see if that works
  6. Not sure, but on the my EQ, when i check out the spectrum analyzer, that specific noise shows up as a small vibration at the 16KHZ bar. I don't think my turn table is to close to the turn table, as I have them on a separate shelf below. I'll see if i can get a photo and post.
  7. I wish I could tell, but it's one of these linear tracker turn tables, so I can't physically drop the stylus to see. There's a play button, and it automatically plays the record. My options are tracks 1-8, 'cueing', stop and play. The Stylus is attached to the top lid, so you can't really play with it much.
  8. I've got an SLJ-33 Technics turntable. This is a Linear track, in very good condition. When I connect it to my amp, and select phono on the amp, there's no noise. However, when I press play, and the needle goes down, I start to hear the humming noise just before the record starts to play. The louder I have my speakers, the more I can hear the humming I purchased a Galvanic Isolation Filter from Jaycar, which removed a whistling noise from a Yamaha amp to a jukebox I have, but has the opposite effect when I use it on my Technics system. I actually get the humming noise
  9. Hi, I recently got a Technics Hifi system from 1985, just recently serviced. Looking to get some advice on some bits and pieces
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