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  1. Here’s another one from the vault… This is a Factory Sealed turntable from high end audio French manufacturer, ERA (Etudes et Recherches Acoustiques, or Acoustic Studies & Research, located in Paris) from the Mid 1970’s. The ERA-6066 model was the biggest model of the manufacturer and was a high-end turntable for serious audiophiles that was pitched directly against brands like Linn and Thorens. It never been taken out of the box (until I took theses photo’s). Plastic still on all the components etc.. It is 100% complete will all accessories,
  2. Armstrong Vintage Stereo HiFi Amplifier UK Made (~1972) NEW IN BOX!!! Time Capsule Vintage Stereo Hifi Amplifier Armstrong 621 Stereo Amplifier circa 1972 Never been taken out of box except for the photos. Comes with manuals/ warranty cart & accessories (DIN to RCA, speaker plugs, AC Outlet plug..) 240V (although you will need to attach a power plug as they were shipped with bare leads ready to connect to plug) Classic early 1970’s design - attractive designed to look like a piece of furniture. Solid Teak cabinet Sold as
  3. Here's something you probably wont ever see again.. Unopened Factory Sealed vintage pair of Leak Sandwich 200 3 Way Speakers from the 1960's in Teak Very early serial numbers (1045/1046) Matched Pair. Originally delivered to the old Recorded Music Salon in Collins St Melbourne Pickup Rowville VIC 3178
  4. Just saw this thread. A very interesting read having dealt with a few of these stores & people in the past. I particularly remember one Saturday morning at Trevor Lee’s when I happened to arrive moments after someone had just traded in 4 x Leak TL12.1 KT66 monoblock amps + all the preamps, cables & manuals. Trevor must have been in a good mood that day as I walked out with the lot for $4000. I had thoughts of converting them into guitar amps but common sense prevailed ?
  5. Any interest in these Vifa Speakers? From memory they are the 60-60 Series. Using D19 Tweeter & the C20 Woofer. These were the actual reference speakers used in the late 80’s to sell them at Rod Irving Electronics back when I used to work there ? If you follow this link on page 30 you can see the specs.. https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-Electronics-Today/Australia/80s/ETI-1986-11-November.pdf They are in excellent condition having been wrapped/ stored for the best part of 20 years..
  6. Mostly old valve based but have been thinning the heard of late. Still got Quad II's, Leak & Rogers speakers etc..+ a few salvaged amps that I'll never get around to restoring ? Love an old valve guitar amp also..
  7. Melbourne based long time collector here...
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