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  1. Looks nice but the seller doesnt have much history which always makes me suspishish....
  2. Yes imf is sluggish. They are beautiful for listening to dark vocals though ( Cohen, waits, lanegan etc.) Nice bedroom speakers. I'm planning on going seperates now. That way i can experiment with tube pre, passive etc. Also thinking about getting the timberwolves from ascencion Adelaide. Cheers for the feedback
  3. Can you connect a preamp to the naksa?
  4. I have an uncapped 1050r running imf super compacts. Beautiful smooth and solid lower mids. Can listen to it all day. I find its a little slow on the kick drum and separation could be better with faster rock... but it needs a recapp. I found it much better than a heavily upgraded yamaha a500. The luxman just has the guts in the low mids and smooth syrupy highs. Opposite to the dry and glaring yamaha.
  5. Thanks Andy. I'll drop you a line when the summoners arrive. Cheers
  6. The saska may not be quite up to the job then. Maybe ME seperates or other Au & Nz equivalents... The Amp lists mainly focus on store brands ( yamaha. Music fidelity etc ) rather than used local amps. I have no objection to brand amps. Some may be worth the coin. But i get a feeling the local gear is a level up in quality and value.
  7. Hey there. Yes. 3.5 k. At a stretch!
  8. I'm looking at Upgrading my old luxman 1050r. Atm I'm running imf super compacts and am looking at Upgrading speakers to Adelaide ascencion summoners 12" drivers. My mate has a rega elicit r i can get . Im intersted in the Naksa80 and Im wondering how the saska 80 would compare to the rega....Can i get a remote for the saska or is it best just left on? I'm also considering ME seperates aswell but cant afford Holton. Was thinking NAIM but I found the tone a little dry just like yamaha .Im listening to all kinds of music. However if im listening at higher volumes its usually Rock and metal
  9. I have a simialar budget. am considering the summoner 3 ways with 12" driver from Adelaide speakers (1700k) paired with .... too many options arggghh. New- MF m5si (3.5k) Rega elicit r Exposure 2010 etc Used- naim xs3 -(3.5) Electrocompaniet ec4) 3.5k Perreaux Parasound... Lots of good used integrated and seperates for around 3.5k. I feel Auditions can be useful but I suspect deceiving aswel given the ithe importance of the listening space and auditioning your exact speakers with the amp. Sometimes i think you just have to take the punt... Good
  10. Regarding artisan cab and sqtl vs pqtl. I probably would go the 10sqtl as it closer to my price range. 12pqtl being $ 1700 and 10sqtl around $2100. As far as amps go im really on the fence between seperates ( emotive xp2 and coffee pre or something) and rega elicit r or k3 MF m5si. Too many options and variables! Argghhhh "Definitely the taller 1293SQTL will sonically be more extended, airy, open and realistic, and uses higher end drivers; whereas the 1293PQTL, though not far behind, is just a little less "audiophile" you could say, the Artisan cabinet adds more to unique looks than
  11. Sweet. Thankyou. I was trying to decide between the 10 and 12" driver. Edward seemed to prefer the 12 for efficiency and extra extension. Just as long as they can keep up with double kick and and not get flabby.
  12. Thanks i havnt bought the speakers or amp yet. I'm considering the summoners with the k3 or m5si. My budget is around 5k.
  13. Im looking at Upgrading my current system ( luxman 1050r and Imf supercompacts) . Thinking of getting the summoner 12pqtl from Adelaide speakers . They look like good value. I'm wondering if they will pair well with the likes of roksan k3 or MF m5si. Or if i should consider any other speaker / amp pairings. I like the sound of the IMF's with the luxman but want extra headroom, speed,clarity and the lows tightened up. Any recommendations most welcome. Cheers!
  14. Indeed a listen will be in order. However my speakers are vintage imf super compacts. I plan on using a bluesound node for streaming and ill upgrade my crappy turntable and tapedeck soon. Will also be buying a CD player ... so yeah, multiple sources.
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