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  1. I guess the true test is via the ears! I think your right though, I'd need to mentally adjust to accept that locked in bit rate. If it sounds great, well then I guess all is well. Reading the review of the System Audio Legend 5 by Gordon Brockhouse, he seemed to suggest the same thing. WiSA is the thing that you have to accept, but the sound quality is there. The option to purchase, demo and return the A500's if unsatisfied is a stroke of genius. I'd certainly have them on the shortlist. I'll check that test bench link out too thanks.
  2. I haven't stopped looking at these! Read some of the excellent reviews, they seem to be not only excellent performers but capable of considerable system flexibility. I just wonder about the digitising of the analogue signal you run into it from the balanced input on each speaker. Whether it would irk me having a DSD file converted to 24bit 96kHz? I mean, could I tell? Probably not, but you know... I'll know. I guess it's because in order for it's very clever DSP system to work as they've designed it, the audio has to be processed in a specific way. So basically sell the
  3. I absolutely will have a listen, thanks. Stunning looking speakers. I'd buy them on looks alone! I'll add them to the research list thanks. Well I could go either way to be honest. I love hi-fi in all it's forms, but I have found my current active speaker set up (particularly with the Mojo as DAC), to be the best performer I've owned, despite owning systems of higher cost. The simplified boxes are appealing. My partner appreciates good music, but is not a fan of turning all the things on/off in a certain order. Thanks for the links,
  4. Stop it. OK, carry on! Yes, you're right. @Snoopy8@genkifd @rand129678 all suggested some links/systems earlier on another thread I have running about a future system. I will have a decent budget next year of up to $10k. I'm very interested in trying the Stereo Coffee pre-amp with a half decent power amp, purely because the Mission's were something I used to stare at in What Hi-fi about 25yrs ago and I want to keep them. They will be kept in the workshop/cave, but I still want to do them justice with decent amplification. I can easily take the laptop and Mojo out there
  5. Well I'm looking at borrowing a Stereo Coffee pre, so I'm really looking for something that's going to make that shine. I am curious about Chris's comments on the Quad 306. Oldie but a very goodie from what I read. And would balance well with the pre-amp. I'll be honest, I shouldn't even be talking about a purchase yet (hushed whispers...), as we have a house reno on the cards next year. But you know how it is...
  6. Just as I feared. Thanks for the info. Time to source a power amp!
  7. Thanks Hydrology. I guess that's what I'm trying to work out, if I can't bypass all the downmixing from the Sonos then I might as well just use the Sonos as an audio zone. However, if I can achieve it, it opens the door to try the DAC and a pre-amp combo when I get my hands on a loaner. As I'll be effectively pushing hi-res from Roon to the Mission's.
  8. I have been enjoying the benefits of using the Chord Mojo on my active speakers in my main system, circumnavigating the DAC & pre-amp built in to the speakers (AVI DM10). I also have a pair of passive Mission 753's (classics) in a spare room, which are currently running on a Sonos Connect amp (not the more recent type). It has an RCA pair in and sub out. My question is, if I use my laptop as a source running Roon, then into the Mojo, RCA out into the Connect Amp, is there a way I can select Mojo as my audio zone and this run the amp? Basically using the amp as an am
  9. It sounds good. Really good. I thought the system sounded good before, but now I don't feel like I'm gearing the system at all, more like I'm hearing the music a lot more. Probably a clichè, but instead of me listening for technical perfection of the hi-fi I seem to be listening to much more of the true sounds of the musicians. I can detect no interference, distortion or noise at the volume levels I've been using. In terms of clicks down from line out mode (3V), I'm at 20 clicks down. I think that's 200mVrms. But I am prepared to be corrected.. I'll send you an email re
  10. Great information on the Thanks for this information, I set the line level mode on the Mojo then knocked it down 20 clicks. This gives a realistic listening volume (is this .2 Vrms?) Not clear on how this is different from just turning the Mojo on and clicking the volume up or down as needed instead of activating line level mode? If it is different? Sounds awesome, would like to listen to a DAC of that quality with Cyrus amps. My first integrated was a Cyrus, and I have had many of their components over the years. Thanks Currawong. I k
  11. Thanks again all. I have been flat out listening and can confirm it's quite the revelation. I'm frankly stunned that it's taken me three years to try the Mojo as a pre.. Clarity, separation, depth, soundstage, resolution, highs/lows they're all better. Absolutely chuffed with the result. Amazing a pre could colour the sound so much. Now I'm keen to try a really good pre! Another question. Say I did buy/borrow a pre, how does the Mojo know to act as just a DAC and not a pre? So if I'm going RCA into a dedicated pre from the Mojo, how does it know to only perform the DAC
  12. OK that makes sense. Thanks for the information, I'll be sitting down for a listen in 2 min!
  13. Thanks @Snoopy8. I have used the line level on the Mojo through the analogue in on the DM10 and you're correct, it does allow volume control from the remote. However, when I press the AV button on the remote with the Mojo in line level mode it is terrifyingly loud. In fact I only discovered this because my dog has large paws and selected for me.. That got me thinking about why it went so loud. I've since read that it's because it has bypassed the volume control of the pre and so I'm just getting max volume. This is really just an experiment to see if bypassing the pre
  14. Hi all- I have a pair of AVI DM10 active speakers and sub and I was hoping to bypass the pre-amp stage to try and improve sound. My question is, if I set my Mojo to line level output and press AV on the AVI volume control (apparently this bypasses the pre?), Will I be able to control the volume with the Mojo? Or do I need to set the volume on the Mojo then turn it off and turn it back on with live level mode to keep that volume? I'm hoping to try a quality pre-amp as a demo but I'm interested to try the Mojo as a pre too. Thanks, Dan.
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