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  1. Thanks for all your insight! Good to know that there is a cheaper, easy to install alternative to the UK product. I had seen that listing for the turntable with home-built external supply (and at a good price). I wonder how it performs in comparison..
  2. Let us know how you go with the sealing aspect. Also, what vendor did you get the vinyl from in the end? I'm interested in this "heat to glue" product.
  3. In answer to the title of the thread, I think I might wait until they come out with a "slim" version in a couple of years. The PS5 is huge! Especially with the optical drive. Also, I didn't buy my PS4 Pro long ago and sadly, I bought in the UK so I can't trade-in to EB games in Australia apparently. Not sure why...
  4. Couldn't find anything posted about this so apologies if I've missed a thread covering this. While I'm stuck in the UK waiting to get back to Sydney, I decided to purchase a pair of Technics 1200 MK3Ds from an eBay retailer based on the Central Coast of NSW. They have both been converted from the (Japanese?) 100V to Australian 240V power supplies and I'm sure they are fine to use as they are. However, at some point I intend to switch to external power supply units for both. I have a few questions about that: 1. Can anyone recommend a great product readily available in A
  5. I would recommend Ali Express. I've used this shop before for glow in the dark wrap and it wasn't bad at all. Saying that, I don't have much of a frame of reference. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1621103?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.14a04c4d6A5N5A
  6. You beat me to it @mbd! Lucky bugger. If I had the spare cash I would snap up these two babies in a heartbeat. Settled for some overpriced mk3ds instead
  7. ...I might have saved on my Technics 1200s and gotten a better product. I'm a hobbyist DJ with a mild ear for quality. Not quite an audiophile but keen to learn (and buy) from you lot. Thanks in advance and hello!
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