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  1. Intriguing allright...I have a JH turntable .. it runs fast as usual ... have ordered some pulleys from China ... so in about 3 months will fiddle about when they arrive. The tone arm is a very nice Excel ..but God knows how to truly setup the 3 counterweights .. manual doesnt mention them ..... Why I have chipped was this, I was out on my run it was pouring and I took cover infront of a TV repair shop opposite Ainsile Park Ringwood and all the repairs are stacked up awaiting pickup. So I spotted what I thought was a JH turntable but no ! it was a Connoisseur with a unknown to me tonearm...
  2. Ex electronic tech via Box Hill College - Siemens.. Pac Dunlop.. GE Way too many sony radios and mid range amps speakers Run out of stuff to repair over Covid lockdown ... some amps 10-20 years waiting for me !
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